Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday’s Travels

Our Saturday’s travels included a trip down memory lane.


My sisters have begun selling some of their sewing creations and handmade Christmas ornaments.


Today they displayed their work at the Carousel Festival at a park in my hometown.


We had to go and have a look-see. Not only did I want to see all their work before it went home with people, I wanted to see the park as well.


The festival was celebrating the centerpiece of the park, the 100 year old carousel.  I rode it many times as a child and then I took my own children to ride it. I’ve even taken a bear or two to ride it. Any excuse will do.


When I was little I always wanted to ride a horse that went up and down. The stationary seating never drew me in like the animals that appeared to gallop and run. No matter how long they let us ride, it never seemed long enough for me.


Then if we still had some tickets left, we would go and ride the train. It went in a big loop and through a tunnel.


We always screamed in the tunnel. I now wonder how the train engineers withstood hearing kids screaming all day long. (Don’t tell anyone, but if I had had a chance to ride it today, I’d probably have given a little yell.)


I still prefer the horses that go up and down.

And the rides are still never long enough for me.


  1. The horses are my favourites too. Wonderful pictures. I like the work of your sister, too.

  2. Oh I think you'll need to go back for more rides, and take the bears too. Think of it as a blog research project :oD

  3. Dearest Ginger,

    What a precious town that must be. And next time you visit get on that train and scream in the tunnel. You don't want to be a grown-up do you? (o:

    I agree with Katy, the bears would love the "up and down horses".

    Many hugs,

  4. i like the "carrousel" remeber me the childhood.

    Oh the stitching ornaments look gorgeous.


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