Sunday, October 17, 2010

Turning the Tables

The bears are a mite put out with me at the moment. I totally understand. Usually they are the ones that go on all the adventures and travel the world. Then they send me photos and postcards saying they miss me. Yeah, right.

The tables turned the last few days and I had to leave them behind.


I put them in charge of the jack o’ lantern I had been painting.


On Friday night, while they were occupied watching paint dry,
we made our first trip to one of my husband’s favorite places -
the North Carolina State Fair.


We rode a ride or two and


checked out the baby animals – this goat was funny.  Very reluctant to let the others up on the stand with him.


This year, our daughter talked us into trying the offerings at this food stand. I’d like to say she had a hard time convincing us, but you would know it wasn’t so.


As I understand, it was totally worth it.


On Saturday we went to the park and enjoyed some adorable kids who rode the airplanes


and ate popcorn.


While there we came across these fellows who were competing in a costume contest. The ‘bee’ looked only slightly less perturbed than the ‘squirrel’.


On Sunday, together with 250-300 others we helped to set up a big room to package some meals for Stop Hunger Now.


What an amazing operation – tiring, but fun and of course, a worthwhile endeavor.


In the end, we packaged 80,000 of these little bags of rice, veggies, vitamins and protein that will be sent to other parts of the world.


It’s nearly Monday now and time to check to see if the bears did a respectable pumpkin-sitting job. I’m kinda liking this ‘they stay, I go’ arrangement. Now if I can only get them to do some house cleaning, I’ll be good to go.



  1. Glad you made the arrangement to go away and tasked the bears to lantern-sit. The trip was a good break, wasn't it? The cinnamon buns look oh-so-yummy!

  2. Me alegro que hayas pasado unos dias tan divertidos, ademas de ser solidaria.
    Me parece que tus ositos no han estado muy trabajadores jejeje
    besitos ascension

  3. Miss Ginger,

    What a wonderful weekend you had. A little bit of everything. It is such a good feeling when you volunteer to help those less fortunate.

    Heaps of Hugs
    All of Us

    We love that photo taken from Mr. Pumpkin's "bird eye view". Giggle.

  4. pretty oictures Ginger, have a great day.

  5. What a great weekend. Our state fair also opened this week. This years newest taste pleaser..fried butter. Go figure.

  6. Oh, I want a cinnamon bun! They don't do them here :o( Sunday looks like a great cause, glad you were able to help out :o)

  7. WHat fun, love going to the fair, not much for the rides, but love the people watching and the food.

    Love the pumpkin - what a great idea!!

    Good for you all for working on the food drive - so important.


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