Wednesday, November 17, 2010


See this face? See the quizzical expression he is wearing?


That sort of gives you an idea of how I’m seeing things right now.

It has to do with math – and I’m okay with math – the simple kind – like pluses and minuses.

I just glanced over my desk – sort of doing some mental adding.

The quote “Riddle me this Batman” comes to mind.

One head nearly finished in a blush sort of color. One fairy bear parts sewn. One small ted sewn, not stuffed. Another teddy cut out and pinned. Yet another cut out – not pinned, not sewn.

How does this NOT add up to one complete and entirely finished teddy bear? I think there is something wrong with my math. Yeah, that’s it. The math is entirely goofed up. That’s my story anyway.


  1. I'm not good with math. Transposing numbers makes for an unbalanced cheque book.

  2. Thr big problem is that bears just don't have fingers and toes to count up on, so with only 4 limbs they can never go further than that :oD

  3. It DOES add up to one totally finished Teddy Bear!

    He's over, sitting on your shelf, watching you do math XD

  4. :D maybe is the four dimension of the math, or something like that...anaway,i like the expresion of this eyes, is cute.

  5. Always, always blame it on the math. (o:


  6. Hahahah...Heather said it best!!! The finished bears are watching you do the math!!!
    I've been there, done that so many times it's crazy...I have a basket of bear parts waiting ever so patiently for me to finally figure out the "problem" and get it done! HA I even found a leg piece in there that doesn't belong to any of the bears I'm currently working on earth does that happen!!

  7. That's too funny! I think Katy's on the right path...without fingers and toes, how could bear math work out! Thanks for brightening my morning...:)

  8. Ginger, when I saw the name of your blog on your comment I was just thrilled to visit because the baby shower my daughter is visiting for is very special. The baby, Christopher, is called Christopher Bear and he is a bit famous just in his short almost one year life. He spent most of his months in Arkansas in the hospital - we live in Oregon. His dad is a sports writer here where I live and also for Sports Illustrated so his dad has kept the public up to date on Christopher.

    My point about Christopher Bear, he's had a heart transplant and he's very lucky to be here with us. He's still a very sick baby but he is now, finally, at home. Christopher still awaits a kidney transplant and because he is so high risk, he is kept inside and away from the public. His parents were in a Bible study in our home until they left to deliver this sweet baby. As you can imagine, it's been a tough year for the parents as they deal with all the medical issues.

    I even have a bear shaped cookie cutter to make sugar cookies and sprinkle with baby blue sparkly sugar. I know Christopher Bear's mom will love the touch. I've had a renewed interest in bears as I've planned this neighborhood shower.

    I know that's such a long comment but I just had to visit the bear lover, you :) Thanks for stopping by Always Nesting. Hugs, Marla

  9. i'm beginning to see the "light" now that u mention that there are so many WIPs waiting in line. i'm in that position too. and i'm way behind all these. urgh! let's cheer each other on. and ginger, u r still doing way better than i am... :)

  10. It's a common denominator amongst the bear artists Ginger my dear. When the wind blows in the right direction you will find they will all add up! Just keep on keeping on.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears

  11. That's your story and your sticking with it! I bet the bears are really getting excited about Christmas. We have snow just above us on the mountain but nothing in town YET! Maybe this weekend....


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