Saturday, November 13, 2010

Painting with a Giant Paintbrush

This state is very geographically interesting. Starting at the eastern end of the state we have the coast. Moving west from there we have the piedmont. And at the very western end of North Carolina we have the mountains.


Autumn arrives here in the Carolinas from west to east though. The leaves change first in the mountains, then in the foothills, and finally at the coast.


It reminds me of some special coloring books I enjoyed when I was a little girl. The drawings in the book were colorless until you dipped your paintbrush in water and brushed it over the page. Then colors mysteriously emerged all the right places. You didn’t have to be an expert to get expert results.


One day this week, I was enjoying the scenery as I was traveling and it seemed to me as if someone dipped a paintbrush in water and the colors magically appeared. Just as there was a rational explanation for the colors appearing in the coloring book, I know there is a scientific explanation for the leaves turning colors. Even so, I prefer imagining a giant paintbrush skimming the landscape.


Have a Happy Autumn (or a Happy Spring for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere)!


  1. Wow! Soooooooo beautiful pictures!! Have anice weekend :)

  2. I prefer to imagine a giant paintbrush moving over the landscape and magically making all of the colors, too!!!
    Heaps of Hugs,

  3. It is just beautiful. I really miss the color change in the autumn. We do get it but not till around Christmas. By then we are all about the holidays and the color just slips by.

  4. I remember those painting books I loved them used to pretend I was a great artist lol. My favourite time of year is Autumn (Fall) with the colours reds and oranges and greens my favourite colour scheme.

  5. Gorgeous trees with amazing colors!

    Happy Autumn!


  6. Such a beautiful pictures, thank you!

    Best wishes,

  7. Beautiful! I always wondered what North Carolina was like. Are you in the east, near the coast? Do you get cold winters? How about hot, humid summers? (Can you tell I miss the coast? I grew up in Southern California.)


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