Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photos on an Icy Day

With the recent weather we’ve had, we awoke to an ice covered world. It’s not nearly as picturesque as snow, of course. From my kitchen window the birds were in search of something to eat.


My bear sentry, although covered in a sheath of ice and quite cold looking, was still on duty as always.


A couple of days ago, before we took down our Christmas decorations,
I happened to look at this picture in our kitchen. I could see the tree reflected in the glass as well as – what is that a silhouette of?


Oh yes, on closer inspection, a little bear I love.


For those of you who are in the colder climates,
I wish you warmth and a hot cup of tea!


  1. It looks like you are well "protected", but with that friendly little face Mr. Bear looks more like the greeter. (o:

    I love those photos of the photo, especially the last one. That is precious. Knowing you I would bet that you will do something with that shot. (o:

    Although we are south of you, I am making a hot cup of tea on this cold, rainy day. Perfect day for working in the craft room.


  2. North Carolina is typically a lot warmer this time of year, I imagine. It's cold up here.. as usual. I love the silhouette picture... it looks quite magical.


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