Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Determined – sh-h-h-h. (Part 2)

I am back with a plan since my last post. First though, I would like to thank those of you who offered advice and suggestions. All of them quite good but I’ve come up with my own plan. It’s so simple; I don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the first place.

I know without a shred of doubt that she’ll be taking her warm jacket.


That jacket has a lot of pockets so all I have to do is climb into one.  I found this small ladder and if I can climb to the top of it . . .


I will be able to work my way into a pocket near the bottom of the jacket.


It seems like a long way up for a little bear like me.


Whew! I made it – without being seen!


Now into the pocket I go – I’ve got a really good view from here.


Yep – I’ll be hanging around here for a while but when the time comes, I’ll be on my way . . .


and no one will be the wiser – except you and me of course.


  1. Clever bear! I hope Ginger doesn't find you before she goes! Have FUN!!!!! Have you got your passport?

  2. It's okay, we won't tell her, hope you can climb out on Sunday to meet us all

  3. Bon Voyage, little bear! Have a safe journey! See you in London!:o)

  4. Hi Sebastian,

    I have another teddy bear friend with the same name and I call him "Sebbie" for short, and he laughs and laughs. (o:

    V E R YYYYYY good plan, you are very smart. That is a perfect place to hide, it's dark and cozy and you will go where she goes. (o:

    Can't wait to hear about your adventure and I hope she doesn't forget her camera.

    Heaps of Hugs

    Please be careful climbing ladders.

  5. Bwa ha! This is exactly what Dot did when he wanted to secretly escape!!

  6. Linda - yes, definitely, he's got his passport!

  7. Katy and Lynda - he's looking forward to meeting you! I am too!

  8. Heather - maybe Dot has been giving him lessons. Now that is a scary thought!

  9. Cheryl - Sebastian says thank you for your encouragement. It's people like you that keep him going!

  10. Can´t wait to see you little friend and Ginger too ofcourse.

  11. Dear Sebastian,

    Wow! good planning ..and courage to climb that ladder. Now I know from yesterday that you are packing your camera.. so I expect to see photos of your adventures when you get back! :) Good luck buddy and remember we're counting on you to fill in for those of us that can't go.
    Hugs & happy flying to you, Hamlin

  12. What a clever chap, you, Sebastian. I'd better keep my computer away from my bears in the cupboard... or they'll learn your little tricks. LOL


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