Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A leg mag. A what?

Am I the only list crazy person? I mean it’s not that I rely on them heavily. It’s more that I make them. My desk sometimes gets littered with them. When I am working, my mind is also going but not always in the same direction as my hands. So I get an idea or run out of something and rather than forget, I just scribble a note to myself.

And if I am very busy, they sort of accumulate. But the best part is getting to a stopping place on a project and deciding the desk needs a little de-accumulation. I gather up all the lists and go through them.


Some are very helpful – like one that tells me I’ve run out of a particular shade of thread. Others like reminders of something I needed to do three days ago, not so much. The real challenge comes when I have something that has stars all over it – my personal way of noting something important – that I can’t quite make sense of. It is hard to write with a thimble on your finger.

I thought I’d excavate a few and see if I make any discoveries.

Here’s one –

4955 42 2641 -20.

Yeah, I’m not sure either.

How about this one?

Call 15 leg mag


*** 3157***

It has stars so it must have some significance but heck if I know what it is. Sometimes I do figure out what I had in mind and other times I don’t, so I just toss them. If it was important, I would remember. Wouldn’t I?


  1. Great post, as I look at my desk and gasp.
    I commiserate.. As most my scribbles are undecipherable, too.

  2. Hi Miss Ginger,

    This is a simple puzzle - they are BEAR CODE. (O:

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. hehe! i'm glad im not the only one (^_^)

    i've just re written a list that i've re written several times in order to make some sense out of it =P

    i do love them though.. although sometimes the little bits of paper sprout legs and wander off.. leaving my quite listless & forgetful =D

    hmm..call 15 leg mag... you'll have to leave that one with me for a bit!


  4. This is too funny. I do love the idea of writing down threads to buy. When I go thread shopping I always come home with spools of threads I already have.

  5. Oh dear, it must be something really good, but what? Ha ha, I do that myself, write notes that I can't remember..or draw pictures that I can't even tell what they are...sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and draw an idea and then I can't remember what it is I wanted to make....
    Maybe you were looking at a leg magazine and number 15 was your favourite, ha ha!!!
    Hope it isn't an age thing cause I am in trouble then!!!
    Margaret B

  6. LOL! I'm always making lists! Most often I think of things that need to go on a list during the night. It's a real bummer when I wake up in the morning to find out that either my pen ran dry or that I wrote over another note. Ah, well!

  7. 4955 42 2641 -20: Dewey Decimal System number for that book you checked out from the lost library of Alexandria... yes... even they had the Dewey Decimal System.

    Call 15 leg mag: *gasp* is that like a skin mag... and why would you need to call 15 of them?! Or perhaps it simply concerns prosthetics and you were looking into becoming a bit more bionic?

    ***3157*** Hopefully not a PIN number!... the birthday of someone born March 1st, 1957?
    Or perhaps they represent letters of the alphabet... 3-15-7 = C-O-G
    Perhaps you needed to throw a cog in the machinations of some small bears, but didn't want them to know?
    Or perhaps it's badly written code by the bears
    3-1-5-7 = C-A-E-G = poorly spelled version of "CAKE" because... let's face it... code is hard.

  8. ... rereading my comment... it looks like I'm calling you ancient with that first speculation!
    LOL!!! SOOO not what I meant, I meant you had connections to lost, mystical sources of knowledge. Yeah... that's a forehead slap for me.

  9. Well I hope none of them was to do with flight arrangements for Hugglets ;o)

  10. Katy - all I can say is "Me too!"


  11. Hamlin and I are laughing with you as he was just asking me yesterday what all those little scribbled scraps of paper were for on my desk...and I do the same thing as you.. hope that they'll still make sense when I get around to decluttering my desk top! I get really excited when I find one that I've actually checked everything off on so that I can throw it away in good conscience. What's harder is when they're all done except for one thing.. and then I have to stop procrastinating and do it so I can throw that one away too! Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone in the world with my note taking .. Your blog posts always bring a smile to my face even when they hit too close to home like today LOL! ;)

  12. This made me smile. I should write lists, especially when I'm packing to go somewhere to teach....perhaps then, there might be a chance that I will remember EVERYTHING! I think I have a severe adverse reaction to them though, as my mother is a great list maker and sticks to them, and you know how these things skip a generation......or two ;o)Thanks for the smile this morning, Ginger.

  13. Heather - not to worry. It didn't read that way to me so even if you meant it - it would have been 'lost' to me!


  14. SO glad to know I'm not the only one who writes notes and then later has no idea. I get up in the middle of the night fairly often to scribble down something important that I know I'll forget by morning, it really sucks when I can't read what it was!

  15. you made me laugh, I'm JUST the same, lists everywhere, sometimes I try to get organised and put them all on one big list but it gets so big I can't get to everything! So little bits of paper with obscure messages on them too! Hugs, Catherine x


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