Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tell me why again.

Some things are kind of hard to explain. And I’ve tried really hard to figure out this one. Here’s the story. I’ve been working on loads of things at the same time – well, not really the same time. THAT would be amazing. Actually, I’ve been alternating between several projects – bears for Hugglets, bears for the Blooming Bear Show, and the occasional special request.

I have finished a special request and am getting ready to pack this sweet thang (pardon my Southern) in a box as you would expect using all the normal and required things – ending with tape and a label.


This is where it gets tricky.

All the other bears were gathered around watching me intently when one of them clears his throat with a very distinct, “Ahem.” I turned to him and raised one eyebrow. “Yes?” I asked. Then he said, “So our little friend here is going to her new home, right?” “Yep,” I replied. “And she’s a fairy sort of bear, right?” “Yep,” I repeated. “So can you tell me why again it is that you are packing her in a box when you could just set her navigation and let her fly to her new home?”

I told you it was tricky.



  1. Hi Miss Ginger,

    Wellllll, we are waiting for an explanation here.

    Okay, maybe we are a little hasty, there WILL be a Part 2 to this story, right? Miss Ginger?

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence, Sissy & LuLu

  2. I love when the bears offer their helping advice!!

  3. It's such a cutie! Lovely bear!

    Best wishes,

  4. What a sweet bear. Someone will be very lucky and so will the bear for she will be loved by all who see her. Have a blessed day.

  5. Well, if the sweet concerned bears would put their little thinking caps on, they would understand why Sweet Thang can't go on her own, what with the bad weather getting her wings covered in ice and snow then possibly falling to the ground and maybe being hurt or discovered by a mountain lion or something...She needs protection at all times and comfortable traveling quarters until she arrives to her new family! It's a no brainer!

  6. Dot would be mightily impressed by a bear who flew in of her own accord... I have to say...
    but certainly wouldn't blame anyone for taking a flight instead.

    He's always been one for comfort.

    I think Dash will just be impressed she has wings... regardless of whether or not she can use them.

    She is so cute :) I can't wait for her to arrive!!! ... and I can't wait to see what the other wings in the last post were for!

  7. One can never fight 'bear logic'. I've tried, they never listen...

  8. Love it !!! Such smart bears you make. :)


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