Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Official Day Back

I suppose I can’t wait for my NC clock to catch up to me. If I did, it would only be discombobulated again when Daylight Savings Time arrives on Sunday. Therefore, I started my first ‘official’ day back in the studio trying to make a few plans.


I pulled out my notebook and my brand spanking new pencils that I picked up at the Cath Kidston store – I do love me some really cool pencils – and contemplated what I might make from this colorful mini bear fur fabric. The possibilities are truly endless.

I decided I needed a little sign on the door so my thought processes wouldn’t be disturbed. I couldn’t make up my mind which one really described my situation.


Was I brainstorming or busy thinking? Are they the same? You see my dilemma. Then I thought really, who is going to disturb me – maybe if I am lucky, someone will. The clock was ticking.

My mind wandered off into wouldn’t-a-snack-be-kind-of-nice-land and it occurred to me that it might just be the thing to get my brain cells going. This little box which I never expected I would ever see in our house sort of came home with us –


filled with a sample of macaroons. I only knew of this company’s reputation from reading here and there, but the box says they were established in 1862. My husband says they are some old, old cookies. It might be a good idea to eat them before they get any older.


I finally ended up following the “Just do it” advice from the Nike commercials and pulled out one piece of fabric, my pen and a pattern. This is where I landed by afternoon’s end.


I do believe it’s time for another cookie.


  1. I've really enjoyed all of your photos! What an amazing trip! Glad you're back safe and sound...with so many wonderful memories to share! ♥

  2. Welcome back! I'm sure the bears are missing you.

    Ooh those are lovely door tags... Won't hurt you using either. And the "old" cookies look so YUM! Love that little bear head waiting on a spool of thread for its body to be done... hehehe

  3. Hi Miss Ginger,

    Yup - first "more cookies", ideas & new creations always come into the brain quickly AFTER cookies. (o:

    Welcome home - and I guess my little buddy, Sebastian, is busy telling all the other bears about his wonderful adventure. Or maybe, taking a little nap.

    Heaps of Hugs

  4. And I thought you were going to end with a snack and a nap. Instead what a sweet perfect face.

  5. Wow! Weren't you productive! I always feel like I have a head full of cotton when I have jetlag, and I expect you felt that way, too.

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip and that you are safely home. Enjoy the cookies!


  6. Welcome home! It has been fun to go on your trip with you. Love the door hangers, and the cookies look scrumptious. They would definitely help with the brainstorming...apparently they did, judging by the darling little bear head you created!

  7. I imagine that as you craft each wee bear, they gain a personality and you talk to them as you go..this one looks so all the goodies you brought back...Hello to Sebastian.
    Mama Bear

  8. I think you need a macaroon for each bear part you complete, it would help things along greatly ;o)


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