Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two down so far.

Here it is – the middle of March and I can say I have participated in two shows already this year. I know some artists are able to do shows every few weeks but I’m not one of them. I like some lead time to be able to create some new stuffed stuff. (Don’t tell Sebastian I said that. I would be sure to pay for it!)

In years past, this time of year would find me just now getting ready to attend my first show of the year. It’s been kind of fun - mixing it up a bit. By the way, I offer my heartiest congratulations to my fellow artists at the Blooming Bear Show. Well done!


I thought I’d post a few bears of the bears that have already started living the good life or are well on their way there from Hugglets.


I chose these four because if they are not sisters, they are
very close cousins.


Maybe somewhere along the family tree, a couple of these bears happened upon some magic beans


and changed their genetics – you know - the wings.



  1. Ginger, these bears are wonderful, each and everyone! I love especially the last one! They're wonderful!

  2. SO CUTE. Yup, I love your bears.

  3. ooooh what adorable fairybears you made! they absolute lovely! best wishes and bear hugs! di

  4. I love how you magically change fur colors. The girls are beautiful.

  5. Wunderschön dies Bären, ich liebe sie. Am besten gefällt mir die weiß-rote Lady. Wünsche Dir viel Erfolg und eventuell treffen sich mal unsere Wege. Mit den besten Grüßen aus Deutschland von den DBears.
    -- Dirk --

  6. Oh what sweethearts they all are. How is Sebastian doing now that he is back home? I need a Sebastian fix... :-)

  7. Oooh, Eliza's thrilled you chose her photo, I think her head just got bigger. Of course that could have been because Jack thumped her for puffing up her chest about appearing all by herself on a celebrity blog...

    I digress though, because I'm getting bear prints on the screen as they all try and see if they can get the others out!

    BTW, thank you so much for the card, which I got after a very long day at work yesterday, and which perked me up for the evening


    Katy and The Clan


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