Monday, March 28, 2011

Wonky Weather

Over the weekend, we went to Asheville to visit our daughter. Spring has gone into hiding here in NC and I’m not exactly sure when it will return. So the drive up the mountain was a little rainy and somewhat foggy.


Undeterred by the weather, we drove to Weaverville to have a very delicious lunch at a bakery there.


It was very busy – a sign of a good reputation.


We poked around Asheville for a while and soon it was time for afternoon coffee at a very cool coffee shop I’ve mentioned here before.


Note the photo above is from a previous visit.  We did not see the sun.

It is a pour-over coffee bar and it is really interesting to watch them brew a cup of coffee that way. It takes some time so it’s not for those in a rush.


It’s a favorite place of ours to sip a mocha, enjoy good company and interesting conversation.


As for what’s on the work table today, I’m working on the second piece of dyed mohair from two posts back. Maybe if all goes well, I’ll have something to photograph soon.

In the meantime, if our Springtime is hiding out in your neighborhood, would you kindly tell her that we miss her and can’t wait for her to return. Thank you.


  1. I have rode many times in the rain near Ashville. My twin sister lives in Newland area. I talk to her every week and we compare weather

  2. Guess what! Spring has been here all week, but today we are having some much needed rain.

    Spring says to tell you, 'she's on her way!'

  3. Hi Miss Ginger,

    Hi Sebastian,

    Yippee, you went on a road trip. Thank you for sharing your pictures.


  4. Wherever your spring time is hiding, ours is right there with it.

    Perhaps we should check the pub.
    Or overnight lockup... maybe they couldn't post bail.

  5. Heather -

    You might be on to something! So funny - you make me laugh!


  6. I wish I could send spring over to you, but right now it's snowing here so no such luck. Ah, well, if we're very, very lucky maybe we'll see her in few weeks to a month.


  7. Oh dear, Jack stole spring for our trip to Ireland. I really need to have that 'sharing' talk with him, huh?

  8. Sweet! Looks like the bear enjoyed the journey. :)


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