Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Favorite Letter?

When I was a little girl and someone wanted to be friends, they might often ask you a question like “What’s your favorite color or your favorite number?” I don’t think anyone ever asked “What’s your favorite letter?”


If I had to answer it would be difficult to choose. There are 26 of them after all. I am partial to the letter G for obvious reasons. I also rather like the letter B.


When I married into a name beginning with B, I automatically moved up in the queue. I mean B is very nearly the beginning of the line if they go alphabetically.


Of course, bear begins with B. So does bell, book, beach, bakery, bloom, blog, button and bee.


In fact some of my most favorite things in the world begin with the letter B. (Although, I must qualify that bees in real life make me a wee bit nervous, but the stuffed ones can be charming.)


Other favorites that begin with B: butterflies, birds, bunnies, bottles, boxes . . . Yeah, I think if I had to choose, I might just have to say B. B is definitely my favorite letter. Along with C for chocolate, cake, cookies, candy. Okay, so choosing just one is difficult. Let me think on it for a while and I will get back to you.



  1. Haha, Ginger, this Bee is my favourite!

  2. Beautiful baby bee bear! Bodacious beautiful baby boy bee bear because
    HE IS SO CUTE! Hugs, Sharon

  3. I like P but B & C are pretty good I see. P is for pink and paris, peace and poppy,party and purple,pie and pebbles all very nice. I do recall being asked my fav. letter and number too.Love your little bears. Happy days. Chris

  4. да,пожалуй,мало найдется людей которые спрашивают "привет,какая у тебя любимая буква"а я люблю букву на которую начинается творчество,еще первую букву любопытства, а еще первую букву везения,потому,что мне повезло,я неожиданно для себя обрела новую любовь-медведей ,слонов,лягушек,в общем рукодельные игрушки,узнала поэтому множество интересных людей и увидела море позитива и этих пчел-медведей в том числе!!! я рада!

  5. So cute...I love seeing all the bee bears!

  6. Incredibly artistic & beyond compare - Wonderful !!!

  7. I like the way you think. :) I love all of your wonderful B's !!!

  8. I love your bee bear photography!

  9. Oh I love all your wee bees, they're fab.

    As for a letter, I'm not sure of a favourite, but I really dislike K. I'm dyslexic, my handwriting is terrible, and it's really hard to get a good 'K'. I'm rather glad you don't have to sign for too many things any more really lol

  10. @ Val - I am kind of partial myself!

    @ Sharon - I like your alliteration. Bodacious!

    @ МамаФиалка - Thank you! You are sweet!

    @ Наталья Мон - Thank you too!

    @ teirin - Happy to make you smile! And there are always a lot of things to admire when you go blog hopping!

    @ Chris - Oh no! P! I forgot about P. Those are some good ones. It's so hard to decide with so many good letters.

    @ Debora - Thanks! I am glad they made you smile.

    @ Patty C. - Aren't you kind? Thank you!

    @ Love Bears All Things - You 'b' in good company!

    @ Bonnie - B is for Bonnie too! :-D

    @ Wayne - Thank you Wayne!

    @ Katy - Oh my! Do you have "lisdexia"? And your name begins with 'k'! Of course, in my opinion, you have far surpassed any hindrance the dyslexia may caused. You have a reason to Bee Happy!

  11. Eine Biene ist svhöner als die Andere.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  12. Потрясающие мишки.


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