Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Do This Occasionally

When the sun is just beginning to set, we get in the car on a nice summer evening. We roll all the windows down, open up the sunroof and head towards this historical sign.


I’ve seen this a bunch of times but it’s still fascinating to watch the doughnuts coming down the line,


heading under the sugar waterfall,


and then towards their fate as someone’s breakfast or special treat.


Sebastian thinks the best way to enjoy one of these delights is on a teddy bear plate. I’m considering that theory as I lick the sugar from my fingers.



  1. We've only had the delights of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a couple of years here down under...! Love them but wow are they expensive here!! Lucky Sebastian..

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    That doughnut looks as sweet as you are. And on your very own teddy plate, wow!

    I see you as a "quality controller" at that Krispy Kreme. In fact, you need a little hat.(o:

    Sweet hugs little bear.

  3. Oh I love KK donuts, alas the nearest shop is 200 miles away. Actually, that's probably a good thing, my waistline is grateful ;o)

    Hope you and Sebastian enjoyed!


  4. Lucky bear! I have always wondered if they really taste that good...we have only Tommy's here and I don't eat theirs...not homemade ;( I think they were trying to have them in Canada but it didn't work out, too bad....our loss!
    Margaret B

  5. @ Plushpussycat - Yep!

    @ Lizzie - We are always surprised at how much they are in other places. Still good as you say though!

    @ The Bear's Blog - That is one of Sebastian's dreams - to be quality control at any place that serves delicious things to eat!

    @ Katy - Only 200 miles. Probably not a place you just hop in the car and pop in to, eh?

    @ The French Bear - Funny they didn't make it in Canada our dear neighbor, but they have them in the UK? Strange.

  6. Ah, that iconic sign! A beacon of hope in my book! Obviously the "Hot" sign was on when you stopped by. : ) mmmmmmmm...

  7. Will you ask Sebastian to pick me up on his way next time! TOO CUTE...and so much fun! ♥


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