Friday, July 22, 2011

A Baby and a Dog

When this project was named photo fun – I had no idea how much fun it really would be. It will soon be done and over with but there is still more to come before it’s finished.

The photo for the 15th was action. This sweet young thing was in the middle of a yawn when I took this photo. Ain’t she somethin’?

Day 15: Action


The next assignment was a bit of a challenge. Not because we didn’t have a Mason jar. Heavens no! We have quite a few since my husband collects them. I just wanted it to be an interesting photo. Can you see the word ‘STRONG’ here? It’s from ‘Strong Shoulder’ on a canning jar. This one happened to be an Atlas. You think it still meets the requirements? I mean technically, it’s not a Mason jar.

And just in case anyone asked if I’ve lost my marbles, I just say, “Heck no!  I know exactly where they are.”

Day 16: Mason Jar/Jelly Jar


Bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur. I thought it was going to be hard. In fact, I didn’t know if I had done it adequately until I brought this photo up on my screen. I’m rather fond of it now.

Day 17: Bokeh


On the 18th, the list said “Eyes”. What do these eyes say? To me they say “I’m just one of the sweetest dogs around and if you give me a treat, I’ll be your bestest friend in the whole wide world.”

Day 18: Eyes


Ah, Summertime. A few bikes parked beside the neighborhood gelato shop and people enjoying their purchases on a pleasant summer evening. Me thinks it’s time to take a stroll across the street.

Day 19: Summertime


I took this one as the drops began to fall from the sky during a thunderstorm. They always pool like this on the sunroof of my mini. You’d think it’d get old after several years but we always stop and watch the drops fall.

Day 20: Water


I had some nice close-ups of a rose but this one seemed more interesting to me even if not quite as pretty.

Day 21: Micro (Up Close)


This lake isn’t far from my house and the water looked really cool on a day that was supposed to feel like 107°F (42°C). I could use a trip to the beach right about now. I could cool off with a dip in the ocean.

Day 22: Landscape


Oh and just so you know – I appreciate your visiting my blog!  That’s all. Me just saying thanks – ‘cuz, you know, you all are the best!


  1. You are a master of the camera. I love your photos. especially the dogs eyes. It really made me laugh. Wilbur was scared of him!!!!

  2. Great post Ginger! isn't digital photography brilliant?

  3. You're the best too, Ginger. Sebastian, don't worry, you are #1.

    Love the puppy picture - so precious.


  4. Ahh, it's always good to keep track of your marbles. I have no idea where mine have gone...

  5. Lovely pics, especially the yawning little angel. The rust wasn't too shabby either. You do great things with your camera. Want to come to my house and take photos of my PMC figures? =^)

  6. Love the photos!! I really can't decide which is my favorite. But, oooo, a mini--someday when I don't have to tote around kids anymore I might just get one, too. And I promise that I'll stop to look at the raindrops on my sunroof, too!


  7. @ Kays Kids - Aren't you sweet? I just fiddle around and annoy the people around me. And - I have lots of very blurry photos of that dog too!

    @ Lynda - Yes it is! Love it!

    @ The Bear's Blog - That dog is giving Sebastian a run for his money!

    @ Katy - I got lots that have gotten loose over the years. I can give you some of mine - of course, you have no idea how THAT might turn out!

    @ maddyrose - Well, you are too kind! And we like any excuse to travel - North Pole is it? Might feel pretty good about now in this heat wave we are in!

    @ Cheryl - A mini would suit you! I can see you in one. What color would it be? Hm-m-m-m. Maybe you can think about it and let me know!


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