Sunday, July 17, 2011

Field Trip!

Beware of little ears. That’s my best advice to you today. You see, I had just barely whispered to my husband that we had been invited to celebrate our friend Faye’s birthday when Sebastian popped up and asked, “When is it? Where are we going? What do I wear? Nevermind, I’ll think of something.” And as usual, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he hadn’t been invited.

The next thing I knew he was all decked out in party gear, sitting on the porch waiting for the party guests to arrive.


It was then I knew that he would absolutely be coming along, invitation or not.


At the end of our journey by car, we had arrived here – Guglhupf – a place with a solid reputation for some delicious German dishes and an extraordinary bakery.


We could have eaten outside under one of these umbrellas,


but we decided that for this trip we would eat inside under these paper lanterns amid the wonderful atmosphere.


I couldn’t get Sebastian’s opinion; his mouth was hanging open at all there was to see. I suppose that was enough of an assessment.


Once his senses returned, he insisted on having his photo taken with the guests to prove to himself the following day that he hadn’t been dreaming.


Soon the food arrived – I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.







Look at that gorgeous decorating!  It almost looked too good to eat but we dispensed with that idea rather quickly.


Sebastian insisted on two things before we left: his photo with the birthday girl and a photo of the best waiter ever. Whatever Sebastian wants, he usually gets.


Happy Birthday, my friend!  (Thanks for sharing your cake!)


  1. I'm so glad Sebastian enjoyed his day at the Birthday party. He looks to have stolen the day in his own quiet way. Hope he didn't get tummy ache from all those 'yummy' dishes. The cake looks delicious. My mouth is watering!!!

  2. heheh well done Sebastian .. think I would have insisted on going too :)love your little outfit too :) love mouse xxxx

  3. Hi Sebastian,

    Please tell Faye we wish her a Happy Birthday.

    I am so proud of you - now you have the hang of how NOT to get left behind. And if all else fails - play on their sympathy. Works every time. (o:

    Big hugs, little bear, BIG hugs.

  4. Dear Sebastian, I loved your party hat and ruffle, you looked amazing. What about those lantern, wern't they something.I hope you eat a very light tea after eating that HUGE slice of cake. Be good little Ted.

  5. What a wonderful birthday for Faye and a good thing Sebastian didn't miss out on it because it looks like he had an amazing time.

  6. Oh, Sebastian,you melt my heart!

  7. Oh dear, I've just had to wipe the drool from Jack over the cake, and now he's wanting to know why HE doesn't have party gear. Guess I'd better get to it before his next trip!

  8. Sebastian you have them eating out of your precious little paws. Great job!

  9. Well Sebastian you have convinced me to have my birthday supper at Guglhupf! They should hire you on their PR staff. Love the pics.

  10. @ Justflo - Sebastian does have a way about him. Even without an invitation he got his share of attention.

    @ Mouse - Sebastian says to tell you thank you for the compliment. He made it himself - sort of.

    @ The Bear's Blog - Sebastian says that he's glad he's finally sorted it all out. The trick is to make it look unplanned and innocent.

    @ Kays Kids - Sebastian says to tell you thanks for the comment on his outfit. He's very proud of it.

    @ maddyrose - Thank you. We all had an amazing time but Sebastian especially so.

    @ Amy - Awwwww!

    @ Katy - That Sebastian is always starting something - good thing he hasn't taken up some of Jack's happy habits!

    @ Sharon - Yep, it's the life!

    @ BC - You've made a wise choice. We think you'll be glad you did. It will take several visits to try everything. The desserts are luscious!


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