Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i’s dotted?

I happen to glance at the calendar today and was surprised to find


that today marks the beginning of a one month countdown to the Teddy Bear Artist Invitational event, also known as TBAI.


The festivities begin on August 11th – hence the one month. I’ve got several pieces in progress. One of which is my piece for the Treasures of the World Gallery Reception.


It’s one of those things where I have repeatedly asked myself, “What in the world are you doing?” Hopefully the end result will be a nice, cohesive, pulled together, all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed kind of thing.


We’ll see. I mean, I hope we will. I’m taking photos – of the process, not just of good things to tempt you when you go into the recently-opened-near-you Whole Foods.



  1. Those cakes make me feel as though its cup of tea time. Only I will have a milk coffee bisc, Nothing so delishious as those cakes. Happy bear making

  2. I recently visited a Whole Foods while in Denver. There are none near me yet. I do hope they open one soon. I think I could easily do the bulk of my shopping there. The place was amazing.

  3. Shame on you Ginger. Putting all of this in front of me when I'm trying to loose a few pounds. Whole Foods, did you say?

  4. Oh, well that was just mean showing us all those treats we can't get to eat! I've got bears pawing at the screen, they're making such a mess drooling everywhere...

  5. @ Patty C. - I know!!! I'm going to actually get one sooner or later!

    @ Kays Kids - Ah tea and a biscuit! Sometimes that's just the right thing!

    @ Joanne@DesertMountainBear - It took a while for this one to come near us but I'm sure they've decided it was the correct thing to do. It's always busy!

    @ maddyrose - Yep, Whole Foods, but be good and only treat yourself to drooling over the photos! Less calories!

    @ Katy - Oh no! I didn't mean to wreak havoc. Surely, they'll clean up for you, right?


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