Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Must Be Catching

While I’ve been busy working on these guys


several of my teddies have taken on new adventures. It’s been interesting to see how they have been entertaining themselves.

Most recently, Muggleton has staged a takeover at the Shantock Bears blog. Perhaps you might like to read about his lovely vacation. Obviously he is not confining himself to the cupboard under the stairs.

You can also read about the details of his arrival and unwrapping here.

Then there’s Jack. Jack became Travelin’ Jack after I left him to make his way in the world over in the UK. I think he might have gotten into the strong stuff but I’ve not yet been privy to the details. Maybe I don’t really want to know. One can never be quite sure about bears. He’s quite the little traveler among other things.

Before Muggleton and Jack were even twinkles in my eye, Dot was already busy posting about his own adventures on his own blog which you can find by clicking here.

My, my, my – it must be catching. Really, I had nothing to do with it – nothing at all. Now Sebastian on the other hand . . .


  1. Yes? "Sebastian on the other hand...." waiting for your completed sentence, Miss Ginger. (o:

    Hi Sebastian,

    Not to worry, just think of all those brothers as little clones.

    You were the inspiration - the "prototype - and that sweet little bear is THE most important.


  2. Sebastian has made the other bears jealous I think. They probably wonder why he should get all the fun and adventures. Wouldn't surprise me if others start sneaking away on adventures too.

  3. Wil and I had fun reading about these adventures.
    Mama Bear

  4. I'm actually hoping to get a little brother of Sebastian at TBAI. Whether he has the traveling "gene" or not, who knows what he'll get into!


  5. Your bears have a penchant for having wee little minds of their own... they can't be stopped... Dot has started his own fuzzy following over here, he goes on adventures, and now all the bears think they need to do it.

    Heck, I need to get on the ball documenting it... some of the new arrivals have yet to be announced.

  6. Oh yes, it's all Sebastian's fault! Not sure who gave Jack the taste of the booze mind you, but there are some quite embarassing photos coming from our last trip...


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