Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not as crazy as it looks.

The photo below needs a bit of an explanation which I am happy to offer. I think letting it go unexplained would just provide confirmation that I’m really off my rocker. While that may be a bit true, I do have a reason for some of the stuff I do. And one of the reasons is that I like to conserve – my own energy.

I’ve been doing a lot of painting lately – spray painting, box painting, etc. With it, there’s a lot of painting one side, letting it dry, painting another side, letting it dry. You get the idea. I don’t mind that too much but if I can do it all in one go, why not? It speeds things up.

That being said, you could walk into my home, garage or kitchen when I am in the middle of a project and find a string stretched from the handle of a drawer tied to a jar several feet away. You might find a suspended wire wrapped around a clamp that extends to a hammer. And dangling from either one of those could be any number of things that are in the process of being painted.

When my husband walks in the door, nothing surprises him. It’s almost disappointing that these types of things are no longer odd. I guess I’m just going to have to come up with new ways to catch him off guard.

Now perhaps this photo makes a little more sense. Painting round things can be really tricky and this is how I decided to avoid too many cycles of painting, drying, turning, painting, drying, turning.


I’m hoping that at some point this project will be ever so much more interesting to look at than it is right now, but that’ll have to wait since I am under strict orders from the rule makers at TBAI that it should not be revealed for a little while longer.

I can tell you that as soon as I am allowed to show you how all this turned out, I will. In the meantime, I’m hoping that this tidbit of info will help dispel the myth that I am completely nuts. A little, perhaps. Even a lot, at times, yes. But completely??? No. That’s just stretching it a little far – even for me.


  1. Das Leben ist voller Überraschungen.
    Ein wenig verrückt sind wir alle. Aber ist es verrückt? Es ist sicher Kreativität, Jogging der Gedanken....
    Liebe Grüße Conni

  2. "Not as crazy as it looks."

    tsk tsk, that's what all the completely nuts ones say...


    What ever brand of "Nuts" you're selling, it's the best kind.

  3. Oh, everyone should have a hobby, and coming up with new and exciting ways to shock your husband should be on everyone's list ;o)

  4. @ Kays Kids - It just gets curiouser and curiouser.

    @ Conni - Well, it's just plain ol' crazy around here sometimes.

    @ Heather - You tickle me with how you can just hit that nail right on the head! And I thought I had kept myself cloaked in sanity so well.

    @ Katy - What a great idea - to call it a hobby! Next time someone asks that's going to be my answer. Tell us a little about yourself. "I have a few hobbies. The first of which is..."

  5. I'm sure the world would be a lot less fun without the slightly nutty people in it. I'm in that category and am proud of it.


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