Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scrounging Cool Headedness

Yesterday’s agenda: Survive triple digit temperatures. That was pretty much the extent of it. Today’s agenda was so very different. It was: Survive triple digit temperatures and thunderstorms. Happy to say that I managed to do both. The pleasant part was sitting on the porch this evening as the rain came and the sun went down.

Just in case you have some really warm days where you are, I’ll share my secret to managing the heat. You sit inside with the air conditioning working overtime and you sew teddy bears. Not just any bears – very special bears - the kind without heads.


I also have some 31 day photo fun photos. Maybe they’ll take your mind off the heat. Oh, I mean, maybe they’ll take my mind off the heat. Yes, that’s what I meant.


Day 9: Fresh Fruit
A nice, ripe,  juicy North Carolina grown peach – very hard to beat this time of year.


Day 10: Animal
This is a visitor we had recently.  He was trying very hard to be patient while his people were at a wedding.  He wins an award for “Sweet”.


Day 11: Silhouette
Can you guess who this is?


Day 12: Sun Flare
Well, sort of.  I think I could do a little better, but it was just so very hot you see.


Day 13: Reminds You of Childhood
These are shoes I wore a very long time ago next to a ball I played with a very long time ago – in the summertime.


Day 14: Someone You Love
All my other “someones’ are too far away to take photos of so ‘I’m using this one of my very dear ‘someone’.

Tomorrow, I hope to scrounge up my cool headedness and finish up the babes in the first photo. Then maybe I can talk the babe in the last photo to take me out to dinner. I’m fairly certain it will still be too hot to cook.


  1. I imagine the conversation the bears are having, "I seem to have lost my head"...."I can't seem to get my head on straight"...."If I could just head in the right direction."
    Mama Bear

  2. I love your thoughts of getting through a heat wave. We have them here in South Australia as well. I must say I hate them. There I said it. Hate is a very strong word for me, but it is how I feel in heat waves. I do hope you went out for dinner.

  3. @ Love Bears All Things - You are so right. The conversations around here can get pretty strange.

    @ Kays Kids - Dinner was out - no problem there! I think we haven't seen the last of the heat though.

  4. That pup looks like my pup . . . I really love the headless bears.

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