Saturday, July 2, 2011

Some Bits of Summertime

Sebastian sort of orchestrated Day 1 of Photo Fun: Self Portrait. He wanted to read the comics but some of the jokes just go right over his head. It was left to me to explain some of the punch lines to him. It was a nice day for porch sitting so I didn’t mind a bit. I set the timer for this one.


Day 1: Self Portrait

On to Day 2: Your Favorite Shoes. Deciding on the shoes was no problem, but where to photograph them. “Let’s go swing!” (If that leads you to believe I was not alone, I’m sorry. It’s just one of those ‘talking to yourself’ moments.) This was taken on the upswing.


Day 2: Your Favorite Shoes

This project is proving to be very educational.  I am learning about some of the special photo effects on my camera.  Like the fisheye one below for example. 

“Oh come on Sebastian.  Of course, it makes your head look big.  That’s the whole point.  It exaggerates normal sized things.”

“I know your ears are bigger than it looks in the photo.  Everyone will know that’s not how you really look.”

“Yes, you are definitely cooler than this shows but think of it as a sacrifice for the sake of art.”


Sebastian here.  I just wanted to share my opinion with you which happens to be; “Art Schmart! Yeah right.”


  1. Sebastian, Your ears are lovely. Quite a handsom bear I would say. Your mum must have had to race to get seated like that and look relaxed for the photo.

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    Hm, those cameras can be a pain in the bearbutt....can't they?

    Even though Miss Ginger was "playing" with your photo you look wonderful, very handsome.

    You know what you can do? When your humans are sleeping sneak in and take a picture. Then you will have a little "leverage" for when Miss Ginger wants to distort another picture of you.

    Have a wonderful weekend, little bear. And Happy 4th of July.

    Big hugs

  3. Sebastian, There's no way you could look "not cute". You don't have a chance of looking any other way than handsome and perfect. Have a great 4th of July weekend.

  4. Sebastian you are adorable. You are always looking your best. Just look at that cute nose you have. They can't take a bad picture of you my friend. Have a fun 4th!!

  5. @ Kays Kids - Sebastian says it was funny and wondered what the neighbors must think of us!

    @ The Bear's Blog - Sebastian says those are very good ideas but he thinks I'll edit the photos he takes. He's very bright and he's very right!

    @ maddyrose - Well, you're very kind. Sebastian says to tell you you're his favorite. By the way, he tells that to everyone who compliments him. Just bein' honest.

    @ Sharon - Sebastian says thank you and he wants me to tell you that you're his favorite. (See note above.)


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