Friday, July 8, 2011

Trying to Catch Up

Yep, that’s me. Please note that I said catch up and not ketchup. That would just be weird.

I have been enjoying the photo fun challenge. It’s like going on a treasure hunt. I found that I pay attention to the smallest things now. I think it’s catching too. My husband is even in on the game. I told him he should take a few photos too. I would gladly post them here.

He has some good ideas. I especially like the ones where he says things like, “You know where you could get a good photo of some clouds? At the beach.” “You know where you could get some great photos of citrus, don’t you? In Florida.” “Let’s go to that big breakfast buffet down the road. It would give you an opportunity to take some pictures of ‘breakfast today’.”

See? All good ideas, but alas, the bears continue to complain that I am not working smart when I am off on treasure hunts. They tell me I need to be in the studio. “Let Sebastian go,” they say. Yeah, as if I’m going to send Sebastian into the big wide world alone with my camera. Not. Going. To. Happen. These photos from the past week will have to suffice for now.


Day 3:  Hands

I took tons of photos of hands but when it came right down to choosing just one picture, this is the hand I love to hold.


Day 4: Clouds

The sky was really beautiful at this moment.


Day 5: Breakfast Today

Needless to say, this was not the breakfast buffet.


Day 6: Books

Just a snippet of the books on my shelf.  Yeah, yeah.  I have sophisticated taste.


Day 7:  High Angle

These chairs were having a conference.  You had to be a member to join in the conversation.


Day 8:  Sunset


  1. They are wonderful photos. I love the sunset with the rail lines. Your book taste is similar to mine. HA Ha

  2. I love your photos. I'm terrible with a camera and am in awe of anyone who can take a decent picture.

  3. Well done, Ginger!! Those are great photos! Are you thinking of changing your career sometime soon? You really do have a great "eye."


  4. You did a fabulous job! I love every single one of them including the "hand you love to hold". So beautiful!
    I love kids are so good at it!
    I feature photography on my second blog:

    Oh...and I think Sebastian would have went "willy nilly" with the camera anyway...who knows what kind of photos he'd have gotten!


  5. Ah.. you have a marvelous eye for photography and I truly enjoyed seeing your choices for this. Of course my 6 foot Paddington loved your book choice! And I loved your linear lines leading to sunset. The chair conference was cute and did anyone else see the elephant with his trunk raised in salute in your cloud photo? :) I love naming shapes I see in the clouds.

    Love, Kristi & Hamlin & Paddington

  6. Ginger photo no:5. OMG the table... I have been looking at a similar table at a special shop in La Connor WA. I love the table and all their pieces. I know it comes from back East somewhere. Is that your table or were you out for breakfast? If it's your you lucky lucky girl. Sharon.

    PS Sebastian I would trust you with my camera. (not, but don't tell him. I want to win him over)

  7. @ Kays Kids - I'm glad I have some company. I could keep myself quite busy reading the children's books on my shelves.

    @ maddyrose - It's called take a thousand shot and use one! Ha ha! Still, it's kind of you to say.

    @ Michelle - Thank you, Michelle. I didn't think I had any hobbies besides bears but apparently I do and taking photos must be one.

    @ KristiKringle - Yes, someone else mentioned the elephant. I'm glad each of you pointed that out. I hadn't seen it - too busy looking at the colors. Good for you.

    @ Sharon - Yep, that's our table. We sort of influenced its design and we have really enjoyed it. I'll send you an email!


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