Thursday, August 4, 2011

Almost Time

I’ve been sewing and sewing these past few weeks. TBAI is just bearly a week away.


Time to finalize the table arrangement and map out a route to New York. Now the bears and I get to go on a trip. It will be nice to get away for a bit.


We’ll miss our coffee shop but we’re really looking forward to seeing friends, some for the first time. Details will come.


In the meantime, I’ll still be sewing and trying very hard to stay out of trouble. How I expect to accomplish that is anyone’s guess.


  1. The best of luck I hope you have a wonderful show. It is so nice to talk to other bear makers, some how a real bond is made between friends.

  2. Have a great time, Ginger.
    Enjoy the show and spread your bears over the world .....
    Bon voyage!

  3. Lovely bears Ginger! Have fun and take lots of pictures x

  4. Hi Ginger,

    How sweet those little faces are....who could resist adoption?

    You, get in trouble? Ha, now I know why Sebastian is the way he is - he takes after you! (o: Oh, speaking of Sebastian, he is GOING with you isn't he??? Or maybe he is hiding in the suitcase now.

    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy New York.


  5. I can't wait to see you, Ginger!! Wow, it's just a week away.


    P.S. Your bears are, as usual, really cute!

  6. good luck with the show and sooo nice new bears there ... hope Sebastian is going with you to keep you out of mischief hahaha love mouse xxxx

  7. Have a great time at the show and good luck. I'm sure you're going to take lots of pictures so I won't even ask.

  8. @ Kays Kids, dat Bea, Вера, Lynda - Thank you one and all!

    @ The Bear's Blog - I do suppose Sebastian comes by it honestly. Thanks for your good wishes!

    @ Cheryl - See you there!

    @ Mouse - Thank you! I just don't know how much help Sebastian will be at keeping me out of trouble.

    @ maddyrose - My plan is to take photos. I just hope I can remember amidst all the fun1

  9. Oooh, fun road trip with the bears! We hope Sebastian's case is all packed and ready to go...


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