Monday, August 1, 2011

This ain’t no one-horse town.

I am up to Day 28 for the PhotoFun project. Day 28 is Transportation. I had so many unusual options that I decided to dedicate an entire post to it.

First, let me say, this ain’t no one-horse town. Although I have nothing against one-horse towns or horses or towns, this just isn’t one of them. Downtown (or uptown – I never could figure out how one differentiates the up part from the down part) occasionally we see a few of the Mounted Units from our highly regarded police force. I wasn’t in search of one in particular. He just clip-clopped across my view finder and I clicked before the opportunity literally passed me by. That is why this photo is blurry. I mean he wasn’t chasing any criminals or anything at that moment.


Next on the list is our Rickshaw Service. If we are downtown (or uptown – see above) we often see these guys and gals carrying passengers wanting to get from one place to another in this stylish way.


Rumor has it that some of them know where to take you for some pretty thrilling dips and plunges – all very safely, of course. I have yet to ride in one of these, but I aim to one day. I’m sure Sebastian will want to go and we’ll have to take photos and tell you all about the excitement. Stay tuned. You’ll see it here first.


Finally, I absolutely could not resist this wonderful photo opportunity. You see, besides the horses, the rickshaws, the trolley, the green bus, the regular buses and all that, we also have a company that offers Segway tours of downtown (or uptown – see above the above). They give you a basic lesson and then off you go – seeing the historic parts of Raleigh. Doesn’t this look like something from a futuristic Sci-Fi movie?


Of course, you know what song is stuck in my head now, don’t you? This one.


  1. think Sebastian would love to ride on the horse or the wheelie bob thing they look sooo funny .. think i would fall off one love mouse xxxx

  2. What wonderful ways you have to explore your city!! I'm going to have to plan a visit one of these days.


  3. @ Mouse - I can just see Sebastian riding on the Segway myself. We'd probably both end up on the sidewalk on our ends!

  4. @ Cheryl - I think so too. We are definitely going to have to try at least most of them. I mean after all, we live here. You should come! After all the work and time, it's getting better all the time.

  5. Jack says you must take Sebastian on everything and then have him blog about it. He thinks he needs more adventure in his life... (really, good grief! - LT)


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