Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Disclaimer and a Duck

First, the disclaimer.

Even though I made Sebastian, please bear in mind that he is a bear of his own mind. He, and he alone, is responsible for the crazy situations, and sometimes zany pictures you see here on this blog. That being said, I must say, we do love the little guy. Just don’t tell him how much, please.

Now for the duck.

Sebastian packed all kinds of things in his suitcase. He begged me to share these photos with you. Apparently it all started when he heard that in addition to meeting princesses, fairies and famous mice at Disney World, it was entirely possible to meet Donald – Donald - as in Donald Duck.

Can’t you just see the little gears turning in his little bear brain? “What to wear?! What to wear?! What does one wear to meet THE Duck?!” I won’t tell you what this studio looked like after he finished making his outfit. Let’s just say there were bits of felt all over the place.

Here’s what he came up with:


I think Donald was a bit surprised to have such a small and ardent fan but he took him under his wing and showed him lots of love. Sebastian was thrilled to be able to hold such a lofty position – literally.


Donald Duck is a real sweet quacker and we had the best time meeting him in person – or rather feather to fur – in Sebastian’s case. We can’t wait to go back and say hello again. It was one of the best parts of our trip.


Hey Donald!  We love you!


  1. Sebastian, you are a funny fellow.
    I'm so glad Donald was extra specially nice to you. LOOOOve your beak, did it affect your breathing.
    I'm not so jealous of Donald, but suuuure are about Cinderella. Did you give her my love and say, I'm the most hansom bear in Australia?
    I can't guess who you will meet next.

  2. Ah, we always knew Sebastian was a little quackers...


    Jack and The Clan

  3. Hi Sebastian,

    Gee, you are quite the Disney star, aren't you?

    Let's talk about the "nose" that you made. Wait, I changed my mind, let's NOT talk about it. I like you just as yourself, Sebastian.


  4. Oh wow!! That waz such a grayte disgize I thort it WAZ a duck, till I red it an fownd owt it waz Sebastian! HAHAHAHA!


  5. Sounds as though all of you have been having a great summer. I don't know how you keep up with Sebastian!!!

  6. Hello Sebastian, Aren't you the clever little bear, cute costume and you meet the most interesting people, uh animals, uh birds...well whatever. You're mighty special in my book.


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