Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Graduates

These were the first graduates of Professor Sebastian’s Halloween 101 class.


These little bears are all ready with their masks in place to head out into the neighborhoods with their diplomas.


I hope they have lots of good fun and collect some delicious treats on their tour.


And if they are generous, maybe they’ll share a chocolate or two with me and Sebastian!


  1. are very original, and tender, congratulations to the newly grduados, and hopefully Sebastian get lots of candy!.(i am Sebastian fan! )

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    The Graduates look great, all ready for Halloween and educated about the candy thing.

    Do you take a percentage? Or are you in charge of the entire "take" and dole out evenly to the others?

    Heaps of Hugs

    If Miss Ginger wants candy I would think that you would make her dress up too.

  3. funny trio, guess they will get more candies from others, and don't forget to brush their teeth :P

  4. These guys are so adorable!!! What a great idea :)

    Sebastian's school is obviously turning out top-notch graduates!!

  5. Terribly funny post. Now, if they show up at my house what type of candy is their favorite so I'll be sure to have some on hand?

  6. Oh they look like they will be having much fun. We all know what a good teacher Sebastian would be in the art of disguise.

  7. Oh my! They are so precious! Hope they get lots of candy! ♥♥♥

  8. Ginger, you are so creative, I really enjoy your blog,it is amazing,you always have many great ideas,always something new:)
    Your bears are really sweet, and I like visiting you blog, cause it is always a piece of fairyland in my grey grown-up life:)
    Thank you for showing us your works:)
    Halloween Teddys are supercool I wish I had one too:)

  9. ginger, i have never left a comment before, but i found you several months ago. i quickly became a sebastian fan. he is so adorable. i always love to see what he is going to come up with next. i think his donald duck costume is going to be hard to beat. he did such a good job with these three newbies. they are too adorable. but i have to say sebastian will always be my favorite. does he read the comments? i wouldn't want to give him a swelled head!

  10. We think they'll definitely have a tale to share... hee hee, get it? We crack us up!

    Jack and The Clan

  11. @ Doris - Sebastian says to tell you hello!

    @ The Bear's Blog - Sebastian says it's a very democratic dispersal of the goodies. If you like peanut butter, you choose a Reese's. If you like nuts, you choose a Snickers. If you like sweet things, you choose Smarties.

    @ susana - Good advice! Now to find very, very small toothbrushes!

    @ Heather - Thank you. (I do think Sebastian grades on a curve - like the more you share with him, the better your grade.)

    @ maddyrose - Oh, they'll be happy to have anything you have to offer but if you want to stick something in the bags for me, I'm the dark chocolate kind.

    @ Joanne - I think so too. Probably loads more than I can anticipate!

    @ Lavender Dreamer - Thank you!!!

    @ Jucó - Aren't you sweet!!!! I am so glad you enjoy reading these crazy missives of mine.

    @ Terri Sue - It is way past too late for Sebastian to get a swelled head. No worries though. He enjoys reading all the comments and never lets on how much he really enjoys them. He seems to have loads of fans and wants me to tell you and the rest of them a special hello!

    @ Katy - Sebastian thought that was hysterical. Me? Uh, yeah, it was . . . uh, funny. Yeah, funny.


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