Friday, September 9, 2011

Inspiration Hunting

Do you ever go Inspiration Hunting?


for whatever reason, these caught my attention

Every so often I like to wander my favorite places for inspiration.


the colors on these pencils seem fresh to me 

It’s not that I don’t have a notebook full of – as of yet – unfulfilled ideas. I do and sometimes I look through it and realize that I have completed many of them without even knowing it. That’s a fun discovery.


leftover from Spring but still such a pretty shade of orange

But going Inspiration Hunting is an activity that breathes fresh air into my work and enthusiasm.


the Halloween gears in my brain are starting to move now – not a moment too soon either. it will be here before we know it

I especially enjoy the seasonal changes that I find in stores – new colors, new ideas. It’s all very exciting for someone who tries very hard to stick close to the studio and the tasks that wait.


new colors for the upcoming holiday season – already

Sometimes while I am out and about, a voice will pipe up and suggest that I might do well to return to my studio and begin something more tangible.


these hit all the right buttons –
bells, bright colors, and some glitter

Then I have to overrule the little buttinsky. For one, I am having way too much fun being inspired and two; these little forays into the Land-of-Possibilities usually net something, sometime, somewhere along the way.


this line of charms originated with the author of a favorite book of mine – one I like to peruse just for the originality and creativity – Making Connections by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Then when I return to my studio the dilemma becomes – what do I work on first?!


a glittered bird to look at – just for the pleasure of it


  1. I'm sure that glittery bird will turn into something quite different. Keep an eye on her Sebastian.

  2. what beautiful things
    i do that too , my mum and hubby always say 'youre in teddy mode' whenever i shop with them , i cant help it , there are some wonderful ideas out there
    happy hunting x

  3. Hee hee, love the pumpkins at the top.

    Alas, yes, the eternal struggle over what new fun thing to do next! Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be fab :o)

  4. LOL! That glittered bird caught my eye just the other day when I was "inspiration hunting"!

  5. I get most of my ideas from my favorite bloggers! Then it's off to the craft store to find supplies! But when you get there...more ideas! heehee! This is a fun time of year for crafters! ♥


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