Thursday, September 1, 2011

Studio Rules

I have just discovered that my studio came with rules; rules which I have been living by without knowing it. There are so many that I cannot list them all, but I thought I would list a sample of them – purely for entertainment value you understand.

Dress Code:

· I can wear anything that I want with a few caveats. For example, if I get up one morning so enthusiastic about the project at hand that I delay putting on ‘real’ clothes; I will get a knock on my door from someone needing help.

· If I have no reason to put on presentable clothes because I will not be going out that day, I will inevitably run out of some vital component which will require going out anyway thus putting on presentable clothes anyway.

· If it involves glue, paint, glitter or anything not sewn, wear an apron. No item will be spilled, spewed or sprayed until the apron has been forgone or forgotten at which time my good clothes will have brand new embellishments that will look amazingly like glue, paint and glitter.

Supply Rules:

· I will always have more than enough supplies for any project about which I am not enthusiastic, but I will most likely run out of something essential for a project that I find exciting.

· If I had enough stuff for the last project, the odds are in my favor that no matter how much I have, it will not be enough for the next one.

Neatness Rules:

· If the studio is clean, no one will visit. If it isn’t, someone will.

· If the desk is organized I will not be able to locate what I am looking for on it.

Timing Rules:

· If time stretches out before me like sand in the desert, it won’t matter. I still will not be able to finish everything on my list.

· If I am working on things for Halloween, it must be nearly Christmas.

These are apparently just a few of the rules. I did notice something though.


At the bottom of this extensive list in very tiny print, there is a disclaimer. It reads:


I know this is true. I’ve finished a kitty cat pin for Halloween and September has only just begun.


These are just a few rules from here.  I am guessing you have discovered some of your own.  Please feel free to share . . .


  1. I can not believe any one would have the same rules as me. I love the dress rules(Me to a T). Thinking you don't have to go out today, so you put your old clothes on, then there is the question ( if I run out quickly will I bump into any one I know) In variably you do bump into someone you know.
    I just loved this blog.

  2. Here Kitty, kitty, kitty. (o:

    Rules - who me? Oh Miss Ginger, around here I make the rules for everyone to live by EXCEPT me.

    Ask Sebastian what he thinks about "rules". Can't wait to hear what he has to say.

    Happy Weekend.

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. Huh, those look familiar! I have also found the following:

    If you have to go to a shop that supposedly should have everything on your 'emergency shopping list' it won't the day that you're there, necessitating visits to at least 3 other shops, scattered around the city at particularly awkward intervals, and none with either handy or cheap parking. The more urgently you need these things, the further spread and more awkward it shall be.

    The rarer the materials being used to work with, the more likely you are to b@lls it up.

    When you have just ripped your finger open on a pin, and are just going to find a plaster to prevent a new and interesting colour scheme on your project, that is inevitably when the phone will ring.

    The phone never rings during drudgerous tasks such as cleaning your house or doing the dishes, it will always ring when you're in the middle of an exciting bit of a project. The more excited you are, the more the person at the other end will witter on, and the more impatient you are, the more oblivious to this fact they will be.

    When travelling to a show, no matter how many or how few things you have to take, it will always fill the car to the brim.

  4. I like the one about the studio being a true...but then if it isn't in a mess, then one isn't creating, right?
    Happy Days,
    Mama Bear

  5. @ Kays Kids - You said it! How many times have I run into someone I know when I only meant to be out for a few! Never fails! That's a good one. I'm sure it's on my list too.

    @ The Bear's Blog - Prudence, you are something else!

    @ Katy - Exactly! I see you are very familiar with the rules. Every one you have mentioned is on my list too. Here's another one along the same lines: If you see something in the store and they have lots of it, you decide if you ever need such a things you'll just come back and get it. Then when you do, everything is gone and it reverts your first rule. Only now you have to mumble to yourself all over town because you should have bought these things when you saw them the first time.

    Oh - on filling the car to the brim: If you decide there is an item you never ever use at a show but take anyway and then decide it doesn't make sense to keep carrying it everywhere so you leave it at home; that's when you'll need it - desperately!

  6. @ Love Bears All Things - OR - if it's a mess, at least it looks like you are busy! That's always a good one!

  7. These rules are perfect.

    And I love the kitty pin...
    you know... I have a black kitty... will there be black kitties for Halloween?

    Also, I am shocked and amazed at your ability to control glitter... even *with* an apron, I find glitter seems to embellish everything I own... especially my face, can't help but touch my face when my hands are covered in glitter.
    A friend of mine once said a terrible thing about glitter... I will tell you... if you want... but remember, it's terrible!

  8. @ Heather - I'm glad you like the pin. You know, I'm glad you asked about the black kitty - maybe I will. I have plans to do a few Halloween pieces. We'll see if I can work the rules in my favor this time.

    Oh you know you can't control glitter. All you can do is sort of try to limit it's reach. So with an apron what you have is glitter covered clothing and skin with the outline of an apron over the middle part! That must be some terrible statement you friend made. Do I want to know? Am I better in the dark? With glitter, you gotta think it's worth it in the end, right?

  9. it's amazing how many rules we set for ourselves. i try to break them as often as possible.

    love your little kitty pin. i will be back, nice to find a bear lover. i don't make them but have collected them over the years. i share my studio with my bears.

  10. lol , they sound surprisingly like my rules too , made mr chuckle

  11. the kitty broche look great...oh i am reading your rules..and they remenber me..i need an apron!...(bad experiencie with acrilyc)


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