Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Kinds of Royalty aka Sebastian’s Plan Partially Unveiled

Today Sebastian finally let me in on part of what he had hidden in his suitcase. He had to actually - because he needed a photographer and I happened to be it.

It seems with the rhinestones he created himself a crown – fit for a very small prince.


He believes that way back in his family tree there is some royal blood and he set out to find his long lost relatives. I do not know whether or not he is actually related to any of the royals pictured here. If he’s not, I’m not going to be the one to tell him. In any case, he wanted me to share with you photos of his adventures meeting two kinds of royalty.

Here’s the first kind – the ones who have proven fairy tale royal lineage.

The lovely and ever so affectionate Cinderella.


He’ll never wash his face again, I’m sure.

Then in the royal castle he met Snow White and her prince.


It would be difficult to find a more charming pair.

Since the beast was no where around Sebastian felt quite safe enjoying Belle’s attention.


Sebastian was very excited to meet Rapunzel even though he was a little concerned he might get tangled up in her long tresses.  He thought Flynn was pretty cool too!


For the second kind of royalty, Sebastian met  a real prince of a server named Michael.  He was kind enough to pose with Sebastian and my very own prince.


Just between us, even though Sebastian has some wild ideas, I’m glad he needed a photographer.  We met the nicest people.  I know for sure he’s only just begun this adventure because his suitcase would hardly close.  I wonder what else he has up his furry sleeve?

To be curiously continued . . .


  1. awwww that is sooo cute :)so glad he is having a great time meeting every one :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Your Royal Prince Sebastian. It is a pleasure to know you.Are you still swooning after having those beautiful princess's kiss you?
    Wilbur is quite envious, although he says he could get anyone to kiss his cheek. Although I know he would go wild for Cinderella to even hold him.
    How do we need to address you now Sebastian?

  3. Ok, Rapunzel and Flynn are just too cute!

    ... Sebastian takes the cake, of course.

    Sorry Sebastian, I don't mean that literally... unless there was more to this adventure than I am seeing!!!

  4. Hi Sebastian,

    Quite nice, but from a teddy bear to another teddy bear, I know there is more. So spill the beans my furry little friend. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

  5. You certainly look royal, Sebastian, so I think you may be right! ;) Can't wait to see what else you hid in your suitcase!

    Great pictures, Ginger! I've never been to Disney, but maybe someday... :)

  6. Good thing he is so photogenic, because he is such a ham. I love this pictures, especially Belle, she will always be my favorite Disney princess.

  7. This is so adorable! I love him in all these pics. :)

  8. Oh my, now Jack's all excited at the thought of real live royalty and demanding to scope out castles! I may indulge him with Eilean Donan Castle in a few weeks when we go to Skye, but I draw the line at a crown!!!

    We do like the look of the new family though...

  9. adorable Sebastian, he is so cute. and the adventures be continued? Great!!

  10. Sebastian is the coolest bear I know what a grand adventure and I'm not the least surprised he is related to royalty he's a prince among bears!


  11. Wow Sebastian, you have the neatest crown. Are those real jewels? It's exciting to see you with all of those famous people. What is Cinderella really like? Is Snow White really the fairest in the land? Are Belle and Rapunzel as nice as they look? You are so lucky to get to meet them all. We know all about them because we've read their books and seen their movies. We can't wait to see who you meet next.

    Bellamine & Wendy


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