Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Hodgepodge – Part 1

We spent the weekend doing a little of this and a little of that. I think photos will be the most helpful because surely words alone will not be sufficient.

It was a quick trip up to the mountains – Asheville, NC and a visit with our daughter. She showed us her first attempt at a lampwork pendant.


Here’s a size relationship photo.


Sebastian has longed to meet her cat but now I think he’s having second thoughts. The caption for this photo is: “What do you mean he’s not lunch?”


Captured this photo somewhere in our travels Saturday.


Walking along the hilly streets of Asheville – a sidewalk that has seen better days, but can’t you just see what it once was?


This sunflower had to be at least a foot wide and the stem seems to indicate it would appreciate a little assistance.


My favorite window of the bead shop there.


A street performer at the festival . . .


and down the way, another one.


Now for some vehicles – I mean I really couldn’t pass these up.

The bottle cap covered one.


This next one was an interesting car – from the top luggage carrier


to the side panels


it seemed as if everyone had to take a closer look.


For something in stark contrast, a mobile art lab. Our daughter may be working here when it hits the road from time to time. The thing is I’m just now wrapping my head around the fact that she welds – welds pieces of sheet metal – with a torch and a mask and all that. Now it looks like my girl might be driving this on occasion.


Finally, Sebastian saw these lit up diodes and became instantly inspired. He decided with a bit of help he could be a firefly. It was a really good idea until he decided he was tired and the tape had to come off. He’s learning.



  1. I have never seen cars that decorated in Australia. It was mind blowing. I loved your daughters lamp work, and I also thought that poor old sewing machine should have been restored and given a bit more care than out on the foot path. Tell Sebastian that I thought he was being very nice trying to make friends with the cat, even though the cat could only think of lunch. Hugs

  2. That looks like such a fun trip. Jack thinks the tiger looks scary (as that's far too big to just be a cat) and that we need to start calling Sebastian 'Bug Butt' after that last photo. Oh dear!

    LT, The Clan and Jack

  3. the lampwork pendant look really pretty, i hope your DD continue do this work. i like firefly Sebastian , well Sebastian look good always. The photo of the sewing machinne remember me my Grandmother, in my memories i see her working in the singer machinne...

  4. that looks like a fun weekend....but I hated seeing that old sewing machine left out to the weather...those drawers with plants inside...I've seen those in antique stores and they cost a pretty penny.
    Mama Bear

  5. I doubt that the sewing machine was placed there when it was salvageable. It was probably rescued just before the trash truck came to haul it to the landfill. I imagine the person who put it there thought it could be more than landfill - and then thought to give it a new life as a planter of sorts - recycled to give it a new future for a while anyway.

  6. First off I've got to comment on the great photos. So much to see and you did such a great job showing the sites. With all of the wonderful photos isn't it funny how many people commented on the sewing machine? I have two that are in perfect condition and was horrified to see one sitting outside with the drawers hanging out like that and in such terrible condition. On a lighter note, Sebastian makes a wonderful lightening bug or glow worm.


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