Monday, January 9, 2012

Finished Teddy.

I know you know that I do my best to follow up on things I have said I would do. In that vein, today’s post is the finished teddy bear from the post before last.


The size of this bear is the size that I made frequently a few years ago. It is a bit more challenging these days to make one 12 inches. I think it’s mostly stuffing the head that works on me.


Yet when I get past that bit, some parts are easier than the smaller ones. The seams aren’t as tiny and the options on what kinds of trims I can use are greater.


What I learned is that it reminded me a little of having children. You soon forget the difficulties. In spite of the extra effort it takes, this teddy has convinced me that I might need to make another rather soon,


if only to satisfy my creative inclinations. In fact, maybe I’ll just toss the bear making plan I had laid out and pilfer through my “larger bear mohair” and do another.


Did you just read that I had a plan laid out? Okay, let’s go with that. Yeah, I had a plan. That’s right. Now I’m changing it. I like to live dangerously.


  1. Don't we all? And, don't they say that change is good? Ha, sometimes that works here but not always.


  2. That is one very hansom bear! Is he coming to Hugglets? xx

  3. Jack is demanding to see the scale of his new behemoth brother, so he'd like you to pop Sebastian next to him (making sure he doesn't accidentally trample him or anything!)


  4. Go with living dangerously. I love the poem when I am Old I will Wear Purple. Well for me I'm old enough to live dangerously. I love your big bear.

  5. Ah the big guy's done! He's handsome. Yeah, I think living by your plan is way to go, I'm convinced.

    Best wishes.

  6. What a sweet face...just makes you want to give a hug...
    Mama Bear

  7. I am in love!!! He's so wonderful!!!

  8. Georgeous Bear!
    have a happy week,

  9. He´s so wonderful Ginger - I don´t know how to make those large bears. Too difficult for me.
    So cute

  10. Ours super magnifique, j'adore....

  11. awwww she is gorgeous ... and you need to make another so she isn't lonely being bigger than all the rest .... love mouse xxxx

  12. Es un precioso osito, vive peligrosamente....mientras sigas haciendo estos fantasticos trabajos.
    besitos ascension

  13. Oh that is adorable! Great work!! It'll be fun to see what bears you come up with this year. :)

  14. Your big bear is wonderful and I think you're right to want to make another. Go ahead, live on the edge. Hugs

  15. @ The Bear's Blog - Change is good as long as it's for the better? Hm-m-m-m.

    @ Fiona - Thank you!

    @ Elanor - Thanks Elanor! No. He's already got a ticket to ride!

    @ Katy - Check!

    @ Kays Kids - Thank you Kay. You go for it. I will too as soon as I finish this cookie!

    @ Val - Thanks for the encouragement! It can be scary out there but knowing I have you all out there, maybe not so much! :D

    @ Love Bears All Things - That's his favorite favorite pasttime.

    @ Heather - I think he will be too!

    @ Claudia - Thank you!

    @ Tina - It's easy to forget how much is involved but it came back to me. Now changing between two sizes - that takes some adjustment.

    @ Marie-Claire - Merci! Thank you!

    @ Mouse - I've got one in the works but there's a few there that size - sitting, watching, waiting.

    @ Ascension - You are always so sweet. This must be one of the reasons you have so many friends.

    @ K 'n K Designs - Thank you. Yeah, I'm curious too! :D

    @ maddyrose - Thanks so much. I'll get on it - even if I am slow!

  16. He is gorgeous, I too am really looking forward to seeing your next bear, I don't care what size you make if I could I would buy everything you make but I am a bear maker and never make enough money to buy bears as well as feed the children :)


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