Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday in the Studio

What began as a sort of dreary and sometimes rainy day ended with some happy sunshine and a bit of a blue sky. Our winter here has been very mild so far and I keep thinking to myself, “Okay, if you’re not going to show me some seriously pretty, incredibly peaceful, landscape-altering snow, then let’s get on with spring”.


I mean today we could have easily entertained outside in flip flops and short sleeve shirts. And that’s very weird considering this is January 27. I’m not complaining mind you because while the snow could be very beautiful to look at and delightful to play in, the cold and I cannot agree on what is an appropriate temperature. (I’m always in favor of one that is warmer.)

Today in the studio, I had a visitor.


He kept me company while I worked on this little guy.


He (or she) is a small ted created from two previous patterns. I wanted to see how he would turn out. When the head turned out okay, I kept going.


It’s not an efficient method of operation – one limb at a time, but each advance made me want to keep going until he was completed. And now he is and measures in at 4½” tall.


Thus I have created a new problem for myself – I want to make another but then I have other bears I want to make too. Such is the dilemma – decisions, decisions.


  1. Hi Miss Ginger,

    Well, I think Sebastian would have the answer to your dilemma. Yup, call Sebastian.

    Hugs, Happy Weekend.


  2. It is always eeny, meeny, miny mo. and to what to make next. I love your little bear.
    HUgs Kay

  3. awwwww he is adorable :) want to cuddle him (and one for you Sebastian :)
    and the wee westie from the look of the face is sooo cute too :)
    hope you have decided to do some more to keep the little one company :) love mouse xxxx

  4. He is adorable, make more please. Where can we purchase your bears.

  5. Oooh, ooh, we approve, we approve! We think he needs a toadstool too... just sayin'


    Jack and The Clan

  6. Oooh, I'm in love! He's beautiful!!!!

  7. He´s so cute Ginger - love those little ones

  8. This little new guy is absolutely handsome. MORE... yeah, it's difficult to decide which to make first when you have so many ideas but only so much time. :)

  9. Ooooh, he's just perfect!!! But, then again, all of your bears are just perfect. Ah, such a wonderful dilemma!

    Heaps of Hugs,

  10. OOoo, I love him! :) Make another one, he (or she) needs a friend!!

  11. I want to take both of those noses and give them a peck right on the tip of them. your weee wee bear is just too adorable, and your visitor can come and vist anytime just precious days you have.

  12. He is so precious...I'm sure it isn't easy working with so small a piece.
    Mama Bear


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