Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is as far as I got today.

After reading all your good wishes from my last post, I must say I feel I had better get busy sewing! But first, before I continue here - if you commented on the last post, I replied to each of you in a comment somewhere near the bottom.

Now that the holidays are behind us and my husband has enthusiastically and cheerfully returned to work (ahem!), I began to finish something I started last year. Sounds like a long time ago eh? But we know last year was only last week.

Anywho . . . this is as far as I got today on a big (for me) bear probably about 12 inches tall when finished. It didn’t take me long to catch on to how different it is making a bear this size as opposed to the little ones (for me) I usually make.

After sewing, here’s an empty head.  Not for long though.


The stuffing has begun.


All stuffed.

My son asked me this question today:
Why didn’t the teddy bear eat dessert?


Because he was already stuffed!

On goes the nose.  Just like that - in a jiffy!  That’s a jiffy in bear making time which translates to seemingly forever sometimes.  Remember I’m used to the small ones!


Then the eyes.

Eyes take half a jiffy – which is half of seemingly forever.


A little detailing.


And then some ears.  Ears go on last for me.  I don’t won’t to hear them complaining about how my idea of a jiffy doesn’t quite match up with theirs.


Is he perfect?  No.  There might be some tweaking here and there.  Will he be perfect then?  No.  But that’s the way it is – you just keep aiming for that elusive and magical goal.


  1. this new guy is looking smart in only his head already! looking forward to the big bear.

  2. impressionnant ! ce petit ours a déjà sa personnalité...une naissance!

  3. Dear Ginger,

    I am sure, it will be a wonderful and lovable Teddybear! Look forward to see the complete Bear soon!

    Sending bear hugs

  4. Dear Ginger, I do love your bears. I can see your stamp on that one already. He is certainly related to Sebastian. A real stunner.

  5. awwwww he looks adorable .. when I'm stitching I can't put the eyes in till last as then they can't see me stitching till they are complete and I don't get any moans either love mouse xxxx

  6. Oh, we're loving the look of the monster big brother! (Jack, that's not very nice! - LT) Well he is a bit freaksihly large for 'one of us' (It's still not nice to comment on people's shortcomings, or perhaps largecomings in this case - LT) But... (No - LT) He could eat me for breakfast! (No! - LT) Huh.


    Jack, The Clan and LT (who will be putting Jack on the naughty step for a while)

  7. Oh so cute. It's amazing how it goes from a piece of fur to a face and personality. I love it. Can't wait to see the finished bear. You have such talent.

  8. But he's soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!

  9. He's adorable already and that's without a body to hug. Who could resist that face?

  10. Your bears come to life right before our eyes! I could never get a good nose like yours! How sweet these faces are! ♥

  11. Looks perfect to me. Maybe there are some magic "perfect" glasses we can get to wear while we work.

  12. Parece magia!!!!
    Que maravilla poder hacer esos adorables osos con esa calidad y facilidad, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  13. i think he is already adorable. how does sebastian feel about a giant in the making?

  14. Awww....I LOVE him..he's adorable Ginger!!!


  15. how beautiful creation process

  16. @ Val - Thanks Val! I'm still working on the rest of him, but I hope to share him all put together.

    @ Syl' - Thank you Syl'. I am glad you think so.

    @ Claudia - Your all caps have convinced me! Thank you.

    @ Kay - Thanks Kay. I appreciate it.

    @ Mouse - Hi Mouse! The order may be different but we both want to avoid the complaints!

    @ The Bear's Blog - Sweet.

    @ Katy - I think Jack needs some milk and cookies to calm him down a bit...or maybe that's me I'm thinking of.

    @ Lisa Whittemore - Thanks Lisa! Sometimes I have to step back myself and say "Hey, this was just a piece of flat fabric at one time."

    @ Elanor - :)

    @ Heather - I am sooooooooooooo glad you like him! More later.

    @ maddyrose - I guess every time I sit down to make a bear that IS the goal - to make him or her irresistable. ;)

    @ Lavender Dreamer - Now that would be a feat - to see them all sitting around have a nice chat while I sewed up their friends! Thank you for that.

    @ Joanne - If you locate those glasses, you might invest in the company. But first, send me a pair!

    @ Ascension - Funny you should say that. I used to use a tagline that read 'believe in the magic . . .' Your comment makes me think of it in a different light. Thank you, Ascension!

    @ Terri Sue - Thanks so much. Sebastian is thinking he'll be a great companion in crowds of small bears. He'll be able to peer over the top of their little heads and spot where the free cookies are being given out!

    @ Skirma GL - Thank you. I'm glad!

    @ Doreen - Thanks Doreen. That awww pleases him greatly.

    @ Doris - Thanks Doris! Nice of you to say - you who are also very creative and patient.

  17. Ooooo! What is the charm ...wonderful, wonderful kid)))

  18. Thank you for sharing your bear making, it is always fascinating to watch another artists work come to life, this bear is just perfect, can't wait to see the complete bear.


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