Friday, February 17, 2012

Behind the scenes.

I was playing around with some computer-y type renderings of a photo I took today. It was rather fun. Because I have all the time, yes, all the time in the world, to sew sew sew. So much time to sew that I actually have leftover time. Leftover time to fiddle around with photos. I exaggerate just a wee tiny bit. In reality I have about a week to finish everything in progress and then no matter what, the game is up. Time to go.


Here’s another version of the photo. Have you any guesses as to what this might be? I’ll give you a little behind the scenes info. I took this picture while lying on my back on my dad’s kitchen floor. Does that help? The title of this post is another hint.


Okay, here’s the original. It’s a scene of the behinds. Yep, teddy bears from the bottom up so to speak. These are most of the teddies that will be traveling with me to Hugglets, including Sebastian. Can you see the little sneak at the far right of the photo?


Apparently he’s under the distinct impression he’s allowing us to accompany him on this trip. Who am I to tell the little fellow it’s actually the other way ‘round? Besides, he really doesn’t take up that much space and eats relatively little proportionally speaking. And even though my husband and I are relatively proportionally bigger than he is, I’m sure he’ll insist all desserts be divided equally. As in we get half and he gets half. Don’t you just love his math?


  1. i thought those were bear bottoms right from the beginning! Bingo! Love this perspective, but don't get me wrong, I'm only obsessed with teddy bears.

    All the best in your upcoming trip with the bears!

  2. How delightful to see all those little bottoms. You have been working very hard. How exciting for Sebastian to go to Hugletts. I hope you all have the best time. Wilbur said he will be watching your blog to see what dessert Sebastian is eating.
    Love and Hugs

  3. Oh that Sebastian, he just has to get into everything! It's been fun seeing the bear behinds of the new family members


    Jack and The Clan

  4. I never would have figured it out from the first two photos...
    Mama Bear

  5. Yup, bear butts I says by the 2nd photo! =) Too cute, hope they all find new dens in the UK. Love the show's name 'Huggletts'. Now back to work!


  6. Have a great time at Hugglets you guys! We won't be there this year, but look forward to reading about your trip. Bon voyage!


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