Friday, February 10, 2012

What are the odds?

It’s Friday and I thought we’d play a little game I’m going to call “What are the odds?” I will ask several questions and you can play along if you like.

We’ll begin with Question #1: What are the odds that my favorite bluegrass band that is from North Carolina will win a Grammy Award on Sunday?

Have you heard of them? The Steep Canyon Rangers? These guys have amazing talent. I took these photos at one of their concerts in January.


I could watch and listen to them play all day long. If you haven’t heard them, you can find videos of them performing on youtube.  They give fabulous, fabulous concerts. Small venues – lots and lots of music – pretty much nonstop.


Their competition is Alison Krauss. This was the headline in the newspaper.


Answer: The odds (according to the paper) are 20%

Questions #2: What are the odds that my city, Raleigh, North Carolina would have two, count them, two! bean-to-bar chocolate makers?

There are “at most two dozen in the United States” but Raleigh has two. And they are full of wonderful chocolate goodness.


First there was Escazu where I took this photo of our soon-to-be-a-memory purchase.


and now there is Videri. We could almost start a chocolate tour here!


Answer: The odds are minimal at best, but in the end, all that matters is the chocolate!

Question #3: What are the odds that two baristas from our favorite coffee shop will return from the 2012 United States Baristas Championship and Brewers Cup with wins?

Remember Daniel who made Sebastian a tiny mocha? He’s competing. Then there’s Kyle – he’s trying for the Brewer’s Cup.


Answer: Okay, this one is way out of my league so I really don’t know what the odds are, but I can tell you this: Win or lose, these guys still make the best (and prettiest) coffees!


Question #4: What are the odds that I will finish the bears I have in progress in time to pack them for the trip to Hugglets?


This one I do have a really good handle on. In fact, if you could not answer any of the previous questions, you should be able to answer this one. Ready?

Answer: The odds are zero if I don’t get off this computer and get back to my sewing.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

That’s the game folks. If you tune into the Grammy’s on Sunday night, cross your fingers for the Steep Canyon Rangers. (Please.)  Perhaps we’ll have to go ‘round this weekend to our chocolate shops and give them some Valentine love just to say thank you for being here and to celebrate all of the good things in Raleigh. Then if either of our baristas come back with any awards, I’ll be sure to pass along the info – I know you just can’t wait to find out. And finally, I’m going back to my table. I’m going to put glue in the chair. And I’m going to sew until I have something worthy to take along with me to Hugglets. I’ve really got to increase those odds!

Thanks for playing. You all are the best sports! You are all winners in my book!


  1. Go Daniel, we want you to win.Plus the Steep Canyon Rangers I'm sure will do well.

  2. I loved the game and especially loved your answer! The chocolate made me hungry, the cuppa made me thirsty! xoxo, Janice

  3. Good luck to the band and the baristas. We think you need a field trip to those chocolate places with Sebastian, you know, so you can taste test for us and do a full and proper comparison...

    Looking forward to seeing the Hugglets bound band!


    Jack and The Clan

  4. Hello,
    I'm having a Valentine Tea Party at my house, Tuesday, 2PM. You are invited, Sebastian, so put on your tea party outfit, bring your tea cup, and we'll party.
    Please ask your Mama to take a photo of you in the above outfit and send to my Mama by email.


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