Thursday, March 8, 2012

Having returned

there are two things I love about traveling.

This shadow was cast on the clouds by our airplane.  Check out that rainbow.

One is leaving home and the other is coming back.

We were lucky to have a nice sunny day flying home.

And that is what we did a few days ago – the returning part that is.

I think we were over Iceland or Greenland when I took this photo.  To me it was amazing.

We are almost, but not quite completely over the jetlag but in spite of it, I have still managed to sit myself down at my table to begin working again.

This fellow is my current project.

Sebastian is trying to convince me that I should buy him a chair like this one
that was in the Canterbury B&B that we stayed in. I haven’t the heart to tell him it doesn’t exactly go with our décor.

He really felt like royalty.

I took the photo below while in London
and this seems like an appropriate time to post it.

hr_6Yes, that’s it.  My diversion is sadly over for now.


  1. Welcome back home (and away from your diversion). It was lovely following your pictures in London as they give me a different impression from what I had when I last went there. A good one, yours.

    The aerial shot is beautiful! I always enjoy looking out the airplane window for the interesting landscapes below.

    This bear has a lovely coat! I love it.

  2. Oh hello, great that you and your man arrived well in the USA :)
    The new bear will be great, I think so !
    I wish you a nice weekend
    with kind and beary hugs

  3. Your little blue bear is a real charmer. It didn't take long for you to get the needle out again. Tell Sebastian, that chair must be for a Queen, it looks huge; or is it because Sebastian is small.

  4. @ Val – Thank you Val! I am glad that you enjoyed the photos – there are more to come when I have a chance to post them. Just a few – here and there – of the London we enjoyed. Those airplane photos were taken during one of the few times we could actually see things down below. Usually there are clouds. Anyway, thank you so much for your comments!

    @ heibeni-bären – Thank you as well Nicole. I hope you are right! A very nice weekend to you too!

    @ Kays Kids – Hi Kay – It’s like always – itching to get back to sewing. In fact, my machine had a lovely spa vacation as well and now we are both ready to go. Sews like a charm now. As for the chair Sebastian was in, it was a regular people sized chair . . . the little guy is kinda small. Thanks for all your visits and comments!

  5. Welcome home.

    Well you know if your decor doesn't match the chair, you have to redecorate, duh!

    Jack's psyching himself up for a flight in 2 weeks to Ireland, mainly working out how to ensure he doesn't get left behind!


    Jack and The Clan

  6. Hi! Happy that you all had a beautiful and safe journey back!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! It was fun!

  7. Welcome back all! Same here re going/coming back, bittersweet but necessary to get back to our lives and home. Wonderful documentary of your trip, enjoyed all the foodie pix, love me some sweets! =)

  8. Oooh, is this new head for someone special, or for an upcoming show, or for Easter, or for the fun of it????

  9. @ Katy Cameron & Jack – Yeah, wouldn’t I love to start over? Or maybe not –if Sebastian has any input, all the chairs would be so small only my big toe would fit. Have a wonderful time in Ireland – can we come too? Psst – Jack: The trick to not getting left behind is to make sure you have possession of the tickets or the keys.

    @ Kikka – Thank you Kikka. You are very sweet. I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed the travel posts.

    @ Ani – Thanks so much. I’m happy to hear that I am not alone – either in the traveling sentiments or the food and sweets! They looked fabulous, but really, they tasted even better! Hope to meet you soon!

  10. @ Heather - The blue bear is going to be for Teddies Spring Show in two weeks and if he doesn't like anyone there well enough to go home with them, he will return to make his debut in my online show in April or May - depending if my clock has adjusted properly by then! Ha ha!

  11. Welcome home Sebastian (& family).

    What, no chair for your royal little butt to sit on? Well, the nerve...

    Protest, I tell you, PROTEST. I have a few ideas if you need help. Giggle.



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