Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Eat Your Way from London to Canterbury, England in 10 Days – Part 1


The way to accomplish this is to take a trip to the Portobello Road market on a Saturday morning.  Of course, that makes you very thirsty.


So you should go in search of the famous Prufrock Coffee shop – another adventure, but you should find it fairly easily.


Sebastian will insist you partake of their lovely coffee.  He almost always gets his way.


Then you should explore the National Portrait Gallery – what an interesting museum!  Looking at all those portraits will make you hungry.  We recommend you head up to their rooftop restaurant for tea.


There you can have tea - we might even venture to say a ‘proper’ English tea.  Sebastian does a great English accent.  I wish you could hear it.


Then you can take a trip through Berkhamsted on your way to your friend Elanor’s house.  Oh, you aren’t friends with Elanor?  If you want to eat your way from London to Canterbury, it really will help if you get to know her because . . .


if you are lucky she will prepare for you an English roast dinner with all the trimmings, including miniature Yorkshire puddings and


several diminutive and lovely desserts including dark chocolate mousse and Pavlovas.


At some point after that you can drive to Canterbury and see a very, very old English town.  This is just one of many picturesque scenes I photographed.  I will try to share a few more later, but this post is primarily about food, right?


In Canterbury, you might see Sebastian pretending he is a Royal Mail delivery person, delivering your mail on his Royal Mail bicycle.  That bear is going to get us into trouble I think.


Watching Sebastian delivering mail will make you hungry for lunch at a local café.  Perhaps you might like to try the Chili con carne.


I will give you some advice for your trip.  If any one in your party wants to stop for tea, take them up on it.  You might be able to work in another Pavlova or a delicious brownie with whipped cream.


Canterbury has a lot of very interesting places to see and lots to do.  And you can’t see them and do them on an empty stomach.  I will show you a few ways you can finish eating your way through Canterbury in Part 2. 


  1. Sebastian, you will go home talking like a Pom... .y bear. And may be you should be careful. You might not fit in Mum's bag to go home if you have toooo much tea and goodies. I would love to be there with you to share some goodies.

  2. Yum--that all looks yummy! I need to talk to you about Hugglets...would love to exhibit someday and need some ins and outs from a fellow non-British-Isles-dweller. :o)

    So glad you had a great time!

  3. Hi
    I just love food and your photos just make me want to visit England - of course I will need to get to know Elanor first! :) I am really keen to find out more about the Portobello Road markets as I love markets - you always find intesting things or people. Jo

  4. Hi Sebastian! You really know how to trawel! I have to say I have water in my mouth...

  5. Looks like a yummy way to spend 10 days!


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