Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cultural Exchange - Seconde Partie

That last bit is French for Part Two. I rather like the way it looks in English because you can almost read it as Second Party, which is sort of where this post is going. If you manage to stick with me through this post, I have a very important (well you how I am – I think it’s important) question for you.

If you read any of my posts back in late February/early March, you saw that when we were in the UK we spent some of the time with our British friends Lex and Elanor. I would unofficially call that Cultural Exchange – Une Part (Part One).

(Here we are in a proper English pub – eating, of course!)

Now it’s time for the Second Party! Cultural Exchange – Seconde Partie. And this cultural exchange is not on a sophisticated, intellectual level, mind you. I mean, really – me? Sophisticated? Intellectual?

Lex and Elanor arrived in time to do the teddy bear show where Lex took this photo of my husband and me in clothes we seldom wear. Looking at this photo, I ask myself, who are those people?!


Earlier, he also took this one of us with Elanor. Just so you know it wouldn’t matter what we were wearing when Elanor is in the picture she makes us all look fabulous. You have friends like that, don’t you?


Okay, so while they were visiting us in North Carolina we took them to one of the largest outdoor craft fairs in the South. My sisters were there and one of them took this photo of us. (Thanks, Sis!)  Can you see, after looking at all the booths we still managed to smile even though we were nearly done in?


In these next few photos, you might get the impression that all we did was eat. But that would not be entirely true. Nearly but not entirely.

We had to have pie.

All of us, including Sebastian, went to watch a baseball game. Can you get more American than that?

Oh yeah you can, if you wear a baseball cap.


We went to our favorite coffee shop where one of the baristas took this photo of all of us. Thanks Katie!!!


And of course, being in North Carolina, home of the famous and delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we had to go see them being made and have a few of their “Hot Doughnuts Now”. Yep, that officially makes this cultural exchange complete.


We did do a whole host of other things too, but mostly we talked and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.


And finally, here’s my question for you, dear readers. Each of you lives someplace probably very different from me. If Lex and Elanor and Jay and I were to visit you, what one or two or three places where you live would you take us?



  1. mmmmm. Well there is the Bagg Bonanza farm just down the road from us at Mooreton ND. Here is a write up about it http://tinyurl.com/9qew6xz and a photo tour http://tinyurl.com/8qv9jcw. But this Labor Day weekend, you would really need to come see Western Minnesota Steam Threshers in the tiny town of Rollag MN http://www.rollag.com/index.php
    and the youtube channel with videos of what you can see http://www.youtube.com/wmstrmedia

    1. Hi Ladytats,

      The events and places you mention are certainly so very different from here where I live. Isn't that so amazing? Same country - so different!

      I hope the weather holds for the weekend celebration!


  2. To a proper foot ball match where you kick the oval ball. To have a pie Floater, which is a meat pie in a soup bowl and the filled with pea soup on top.
    Sounds gross, although when you are very hungry it is good. Then up to Windy Point to see the lights of Adelaide at night.
    Hugs from Australia.

    1. Hi Kays Kids,

      Wow! It's almost like reading a page from a book in a foreign language! :D A pie Floater? Fascinating. And the lights at night, that sounds like fun. Will it be cold?

      I'm ready!
      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun! I think Sedona, AZ would be one of the places as I am sure there is nowhere quite like it. The red rocks are breathtaking. My favorite little spot to shop - Historic Old Town Glendale where most of the area of small craft shops, antique stores, and places to grab a bite to eat have been transformed from little historic homes in to businesses. You walk door to door to see what antiques or crafts the "house" next door is offering for sale or just to peruse...makes me want to go to Old Town after writing this! xxxx

    1. Hello there Wish You Were Here,

      I am in!!!! And as for Historic Old Town Glendale, what time do we leave? It really does sound like my kind of place - old homes transformed into shops! Cool. Thanks for sharing your spots and for adding to my wishlist of places to go!


    2. You should visit, Ginger! Maybe do the show next March in Phoenix. We have a welcoming team of teddy bear artists who would love to meet you, too!

    3. Well, that's an idea worth considering. I'll definitely have to look at my calendar and see if there is any way in the world I could work it out. That would be such fun. Thanks for the info and suggestion!


  4. Hmm, Well I think it would have to be Kelvingrove Gallery, which is the most fantastically ridiculous museum and gallery every (you know, the kind that has a spitfire flying over a stuffed elephant and giraffe) Then I think we'd have to go out eating and drinking in the Merchant City.

    Really though, the bears and I want to come and visit you, it looks far more fun!


    LT, Jack and The Clan

    1. Hi LT, Jack and The Clan,

      Ooooh. Ooooh. Sounds like a great place to explore. And take loads of photos because no one would probably believe me - if they let you take photos. Hm-m-m-m. Merchant City - that does sound like a lively place. I can eat - let me tell you. I imagine my husband is in too as he loves to eat as well.

      You are more than welcome to come and visit. We've nearly gotten this place we live figured out after a whole lotta years here. Just make sure you give us plenty of time to take you around because even though we're not a tourist town, it could wear a body out trying to eat all the good stuff and see all the cool stuff and do all the fun stuff in just a couple of days!


  5. Good friends are like good food you can never have enough!!! We miss you guys already do much, let's hope we can make a Disney plan come true xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Elanor,

      We miss you too! I hope you are having fun whatever you do today. Disney could be a great time.

      Be safe! Have fun!

  6. We'd take you up into the Adelaide Hills to the Cleland Wildlife Sanctuary to see our native animals and birds, including koala (you can cuddle one), kangaroo, wallaby, wombat, etc., and then on to Hahndorf, where the best vanilla slices and good coffee are to be had at Otto's Bakery, and much more. When are you coming?
    Hugs, Kayzy

    1. Hi Kayzy,

      That sounds like a lot of fun. I've seen a koala fairly close before but I think it would be an adventure to cuddle one. Then to top it all off with a visit to an Australian bakery - yum!

      Let me look at my calendar! ;D

      I'd love to one day visit your part of the world!
      Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Well now, that's a good question. Just at the moment we have the Blackpool Illuminations - 5 miles of fantasy lights. They are switched on to-night by some of our Olympians in a big show - though by then I'll be in the Alps. The lights last until the end of October. So much for tacky.

    I live within an hour of the lovely Lake District, so I'd take you there. It really is stunningly beautiful, though the mountains are small they are craggy, and the lakes themselves are beautifully set. When we're there you could visit the Beatrix Potter Museum.

    Lastly for a city visit there's York, with Viking and medieval history including the stunningly beautiful York Minster.

    Further afield would be Hadrian's wall, and if we went further north, the Scottish Highlands.

    Are you ready to visit?

    Jock (and Alan)

    1. Hi Jock and Alan,

      It sounds like you live in a picturesque place. Some of these things are new to me but I have heard of the Lake District and the Beatrix Potter Museum. It all sounds like a great place to explore full of photo opportunities.

      Are we ready to visit? Well, I've just had to put the breaks on Sebastian packing his bag for the trip. He thinks he can just up and go but he'd have a difficult time purchasing the first ticket out of here! No thumbs, no money.

      I would love to see it though. Maybe one of these days. Thank you so much for taking the time to share!

      ~ginger & Sebastian

  8. Hi, that was a very good question to think about!

    We might take you to Rovaniemi to meet SantaClause, because he lives there! He has there his elfs, reindeers ...
    We`d go crosscountry skiing/downhill to Levi if in winter
    Visits in my hometown and in the neighbouring country...it is so close to us. :)

    1. Hi Kikka,

      I replied to your comment once before but it disappeared so until it shows up, here I go again!

      I find it fascinating to hear from people all over the world. It's much more interesting to discover things through people who live there.

      I would dearly love to meet SantaClause. The link you sent is so picturesque! What fun! I think I might have to add it to my bucket list.

      I would certainly try the crosscountry skiing. I think I could manage that. The downhill might result in me going down the slope in a very unladylike manner. ;D

      I'd love to see where you live. I'm sure it's very different from my hometown.

      Thanks so much for sharing glimpses of your part of the world.

      How exciting!

  9. Well 2 Adelaide lassies are trying to convince you to go THERE..but honestly Sydney is way more exciting for bears. There is a small secret gate onto a sandy harbour beach that few know about. I'd get the quilt rug and a picnic organised. It has to be Spring or Autumn...the sunsets behind The Bridge are magic. And if you dont mind a sail...with the wind in your fur....well this is the place!

    1. Hi Salley,

      Oh, I'd be happy to explore ALL the places everyone has mentioned because they all sound exciting to me. And I do like the idea that those who live there are offering their suggestions because it is so interesting to see a place from the point of view of a resident.

      Your suggestion sounds wonderful too! I'd really enjoy visiting there because it would be new to me. I'll sail as long as you don't need me to drive! It would be a lovely day/evening. Thanks so much!



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