Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tiptoeing into September

While I am not exactly ready to say goodbye to summer, I am tiptoeing my way into September with a few new projects.


Peeking through these star shaped windows, you get a glimpse of a couple of new faces.


I happened to have this pumpkin waiting for fall to arrive and noticed that it was a good backdrop for these two little teds – colors and all.


Here’s a close-up of the two of them patiently waiting for some ribbons or bows or fancy trims.


The larger one even closer and


his little friend who is three and a half inches tall.


In my head are competing ideas - those for Fall/Halloween and those for Winter/Christmas. I am taking photos as I go along to document them as I progress.


  1. *gasp* naked bears! They'll get cold at this time of year without a bow or something you know!

    Jack & The Clan

    PS, LT says she's refusing to acknowledge that we're nearly a week into September already, she hasn't got time for that...

    1. Hi Jack and The Clan,

      No worries - it's still warm here but I'll get right on it. And tell LT denial is certainly one way to deal with lack of time - she has excellent methods. She could teach a class!


  2. Your pumpkin is wonderful and of course the bears are delightful Fall bears, May be some oak leaves around there necks.
    Ginger could you come to my house I have just lost two ears for a mink bear I am making. I know I have sewn them and it is driving me crazy.

    1. Hi Kays Kids,

      I do like the pumpkin too. Looked at it last year and finally decided to take it home from the store this year when it was on sale. How's that for taking time deciding?

      Oh, I know about lost ears too. I find mine stuck to other things - fabric, clothes or dropped to the floor. I hope you find/found them. It's an awful long trip but I'll gladly come if you don't succeed!


  3. Gah, I am in love, as always... I want to adopt all the gingerbears.... I'm so greedy!

    1. Hi Heather,

      Love it! Thanks for the boost! I don't know why ages and ages ago I didn't opt for the name gingerbears. Oh, yes I do. I didn't start this business with only bears in mind at the time.

      Nor did I know I would meet such lovely people as you!

      Thanks bunches!

  4. They are adorable! They look very fall-ish with the pumpkin. I love the look of the fur on the little orange guy. Maybe he has the same kind as the white bear - I can just see it better in orange! :)

    1. Hi Kay Joy,

      Thank you so much! I like the orange-y fur too. It does show up much better. The other bear shows up white in the photos but is really a cream color.

      Now with all these lovely thoughts going through my head I must funnel them into some progress.

      Thank you again!


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