Monday, March 4, 2013

A Numbers Game

A friend of mine (1) is involved with an organization called 1in9. It is an organization that helps women with breast cancer. Thousands (1000’s) of women are diagnosed with it every year. Most people know at least one (1) woman with breast cancer. Some people know two (2) . . . or more.

In April, the fourth (4th) month of this year (2013) on Saturday the 20th, 1in9 is having their annual gala to raise money to help people being treated for breast cancer. Last year it raised over $50,000.

Why is it called 1in9? Because 1in9 women will be diagnosed with the disease. I offered to make one (1) teddy bear for the silent auction for their Second (2nd) Annual Pink Tie Affair Gala. She’s a wild-haired bear with a touch of pink!



  1. very pretty little girl. She will be a treasure for whoever receives her

  2. un oso precioso y una accion muy generosa por tu parte



  3. You have made your bear to help a great cause. We raise money for cancer in our craft group as well.

  4. We love her wild hair, funky dos rule!


    Jack & The Clan

  5. elle est jolie cette petite ourse pour aider la lutte contre une horrible maladie.
    Ginger vous apportez un peu de douceur dans ce dur combat !

  6. Ginger - I am so honored that you have made this beautiful little creature for the 1in9 event. I know she will be very popular at our auction and your support means so much. Thank you for your creativity and donation to our auction. Carol


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