Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Times – at least I think they were. By Sebastian

Hi ho everyone. Looks like I’m in charge here today. It’s about time. Speaking of time, let’s not waste any of it. I don’t know exactly how much I have before someone decides I’m not in charge any more.

You haven’t heard this story before. It’s brand new and I know because I’m in it. It all started when I had a chance to reunion with some of my best buds. That’s right. BFF’s. Comrades. Amigos. Pals.

Here we are when we first got back together. From left to right – There’s Stanley. He’s rather new. He’s the only one I know who can pull off a bow tie with such finesse. Then there’s Piper in the middle. Piper’s been around a bit. She’s mustering up the courage to ask for a hair bow. I told her to borrow Stanley’s bow tie and put it in her hair, but she looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. There I am on the end if you couldn’t tell.


So what do three happening bears do when they are let loose in a happening town? We decided to start our adventure with a trip to Luella’s Bar-B-Que. The sign on the door told me good things awaited us inside. I wasn’t wrong about that.


Bar-B-Que places aren’t supposed to be fancy. They are supposed to be ‘down home’ kind of eating spots. Everyone started laughing when I announced I was going to eat ‘down home’ with my homeys. What?! Do you think that is funny too?


Anyway, after we ate ‘til we nearly popped, we had a meetin’ between the three of us. What should we do next? By unanimous vote, or was that anonymous vote? Anyway we all voted the same way. We decided we should eat some more.


Next stop: The Chocolate Lounge. We got three big chocolates with the letter P on them. I was fairly certain that the P was for Piper or Pals but someone said, “Don’t be daft Sebastian. The P is for Peru where the chocolate comes from.” I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. What does Peru have to do with the three of us?


Then as time went on copious amounts of coffee, mochas, chocolate ice cream and stuff like that was consumed. I won’t say by whom. Let’s just say that none of us has a clear memory of what happened that night. I vaguely remember people laughing and saying things like “they must have a chocolate hangover”.  All I know is I was hanging off the edge of the saucer and Stanley’s leg was hanging off the edge of the table and Piper’s feet were hanging off the edge too. Is that why they call it a ‘hangover’?


The reason I am telling you this story – is, um, is because um – this is about the most fun I have ever had with these two friends and if you have a chance to do the same, well, you very well should. You can never have too much fun. I mean, as well as I can remember anyway.


love & hugs,


  1. Wow, you guys! You won't stay little for very long if you eat and drink like that! Glad you had fun! xxx

  2. menuda aventura, primero una suculenta barbacoa y despues un atracon de chocolate , que envidia , veo que Sebastian y sus amigos se lo han pasado estupendamente , gracias por compartirlo



  3. Ah, "The Three (adventurous) Bears", now that is a great story.

    Happy Weekend.

    Prudence ♥

  4. Fun, food, and friends...... doesn't get any better than that!

  5. Hi Sebastian,
    You sure looked chocolated out. How did you walk home. I expect with difficulty.
    I would sure like that place. Might see if I can sneak out to one.

  6. Oh Sebastian! You have the tastiest adventures! And your little friends are just too cute!

  7. All the happening bears get chocolate hangovers on a Friday, Thursday is totally the night to be hitting the town, ask LT, she stayed out til after midnight last night, and on a school night too!


    Jack & The Clan

  8. que de précieux moments !
    Des amis fidèles, amusants, de la nourriture et ... du chocolat .
    Rien que du bonheur partagé !


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