Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This & That & the Other


On this, the first day of Spring, I am excited to have some photos to share of the little pink pig I have only just completed.


While working on this little guy, I learned that Google Reader is going away. With that in mind I am giving Feedly a try so I won’t miss out on updates from my favorite bloggers. If you depend on Google Reader for updates to this blog, you might want to switch to another service or sign up to receive updates via email on the right there. → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → →→ → → → → → → → →


The first day of Spring doesn’t always bring Spring-like temperatures, so if you find yourself staying inside and are looking for a bit of lighthearted fun, check out this comical teddy bear story over at The Peripatetic Bear blog.


If all goes well with the current teddy I have in progress, my plan is to give myself a reward of a few minutes with a book I have recently acquired call Quiet. So far (I’m only on page 10) it has been a very interesting and enlightening read.


Finally, I have chosen a date for my next exclusive Internet show. If you are signed up on my mailing list, you will soon be receiving the details of when and where. If you aren’t signed up but would like to, you can do so by clicking here. (Please note:  The Piece Parade mailing list is only for website and Internet show updates  - not blog updates.)


And that, my dear friends, is the end. Thank you and good night.



  1. ese cerdito es monisimo ,y muy dulce,buen trabajo



  2. Your little pig just couldn't be any cuter or more hugable! Wonderful job!

  3. "Oink, oink" (means "you're precious" in piggy talk).


  4. I'm trying feedly too, so far, so good, I really like it's listing ability, but I have to change all the titles to headlines at first because it takes too long to spool my six hundred million blog feeds, hehe!

    I can't wait for your online show XD

  5. Oh jeez, and how did I neglect to mention that this is the cutest little piggy ever?

  6. Oh My! Your little pig is soooo adorable! I only wish I sewed well enough to make something like that!

  7. Oooh, oooh, does he fly, does he? Does he?

    LT says she's never letting any members the Clan move down south again after all they got up to!


    Jack & The Clan

  8. Ooooh! He's PERFECT!!! I just LOVE him!!!

    Heaps of Hugs,

  9. How sweet is that perfect little pink pig. He is great, with such a cheeky face.

  10. Hi Ginger,
    Your dear little pig has encouraged me. I've been working on a pig design for some time, and I'm still not satisfied with it, but I will persevere . . . Thanks for the heads up about Google reader - why do they keep changing things that work?
    Hugs to you and Piggy
    from Kayzy


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