Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seemingly Random Photos from Our First Stop

Instead of driving his Mini, Sebastian’s mode of transport is this.


A front row seat to everything ahead – unless, of course, he is sleeping.

This is all of us waiting in the airport for the second leg of our plane trip.
(Yes, I really did say that.)

And Sebastian lovin’ the airline logo.

Now the following photos may seem random but there is a method to my madness. It’s a little of this and that for a window into a few of our initial experiences at our first stop in Vancouver, BC. Not that these would necessarily be typical of Vancouver but with our travels, we usually do a little that’s classic tourist, a little of random encounters, a little of oddball and a lot of whatever seems like fun that’s different from home.

On arrival, we went to the Chinese Market in Chinatown just as things were winding down. It was very colorful.


We had one of these.


It is called a Potato Tornado (Parmesean and Garlic flavored) and it was absolutely delicious. I’m going to have to see if I can create something as tasty when we get home. Yummy!

Early, very early, the following day we went to the village of Steveston, which is very near Vancouver. It was a great time to go even though initially I wondered why we were crawling out of a nice warm bed so early in the morning. We had a specific reason for going there which I will tell you about soon. Once there though, we discovered a very charming, peaceful (at least when we were there) fishing village.

We are fascinated by the different kinds of vegetation and trees in this part of North America.  We discovered this was a garden right near the waterfront.

Now Sebastian is asleep and I’m pretty sure I should be doing the same so I will just say

Until next time,



  1. que suerte tiene Sebastian, lo ve todo desde la primera fila,asi no se perdera ningun detalle del viaje , lo de la patata parece muy interesante , gracias por las fotos , son geniales



    1. Hi Mari,

      I think Sebastian has it made! We do all the walking and he reaps the benefits!

      Thanks so much!

  2. Sebastian, I'm so glad you had a plane ride. Did you have a nibble of that curly potato. Did they have a life vest that fitted you on the plane.
    When I went on the plane they said I had to go in the same one as Granny.
    Hugs Wilbur

    1. Hi Wilbur,

      Sebastian told me to tell you that I am his life vest!

      As for the potato- he had to scramble fast to get a bite. He was competing with Mister Jay after all!

      Lovely to hear from you!


  3. "Random" is the best way to travel..... have fun!

  4. I've just found Your lovely blog from Pandy potter bears, adore Sebastion,I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one that loves My bear :o) have a lovely time xxxjuliexxx& Ted! xxx

    1. Hi Julie,

      Welcome! Welcome! To the land of Sebastian, bearbits and our sometimes crazy existence!

      Thank you! It's nice to meet you! (Sebastian says hello too!)


  5. Don't be silly, that wasn't the second leg, I can quite clearly see 4 legs there, honestly, fancy not being able to count to 4!


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