Saturday, August 10, 2013

Star Struck

Hello everyone. I am filling in for Sebastian today because he is, in two words – star struck. We have met a lot of terrific people and characters while we have been here at DisneyWorld but none has tongue tied Sebastian as thoroughly as Ariel. And really who could blame him? Isn’t this young mermaid lovely?

She and Sebastian had an extended conversation – a lot of which I was not privy to but as soon as his visit was over, he went on and on and on about her. Seriously, I think he is ready to move to Florida and take swimming lessons.

She was very engaging and asked Sebastian what he had been up to and where he had been. Of course, he could have easily spent the rest of his trip telling her tales about his adventures, but I told him he would just have to come back another day because there were a lot of others who wanted to meet her.

I think there are some people may not understand the whole Disney experience and what really makes it magical. I can tell you firsthand that it is the characters you meet who express such a genuine interest in little folks (like Sebastian) and big folks (like you-know-who) that make it unlike any other place you might visit.

My advice to you is that if you have never been, find the little person inside you, take him or her on a Disney ride, and then take him or her around to meet every single character you can. It really can’t be beat for fun! I must go now. Sebastian wants to get an Ariel memento and he wants my advice. (Personally, I think that the photos are the best and most priceless thing he could have.)

Come back later and I will see if I can get Sebastian to share a little about his other experiences.



  1. Oh the song from when DIsney use to be on Tv was just floating in my head. I was about 7 sitting in my Grams livingroom with home made pocorn , waiting for the program to start.
    ... when you wish upon a star ~
    Thank you for the memory :)

  2. Oh dear, now Jack would like a trip there. Alas, there's no-one to take him, so he'll have to start saving his pennies for an escort...



  3. Oh? Might this be "first love"? Can't wait to hear all about this experience from the little guy himself.

    Prudence's Mom ♥

  4. vaya Sebastian parece que ha hecho buenas migas con Ariel , gracias por compartir las fotos



  5. I've never been to Disney, but maybe someday! I'll be sure to dig out my inner child and bring her along. It looks like Sebastian is having a wonderful time!


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