Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Rare Opportunity with Mary & Bert

Hi ho ho ho.  Sebastian here with two, count ‘em two, blog posts in one day.  We had plans. Big plans. And naturally I was part of them. The plan was to do a quick turn around the World Showcase and then go sit in the air conditioned pleasantness of a dine-in movie theater to watch the new movie Saving Mr. Banks.


Then, as it often occurs at Disney, we just happened to come across some special people.  This time is was Mary and Bert. Oh, I guess I should explain. Mary is Mary Poppins and Bert, is well, Bert the Chim-chim-cher-ee sweep! I heard it’s very unusual to see them out together. You see she’s busy with the children and he’s busy jumping into chalk pictures on the sidewalk. Something I have always wanted to do by the way.

They were so nice to let me have my photo made with them. She was every bit the lovely Mary Poppins you have heard so much about and Bert was charming. Yes, I am short, furry, a little worn in places and have a quirky sense of humor but this lovely couple treated me as if I was 5 foot 4.

Seeing them in person made the movie that much more special to me. That, and the fact that no one saw me spill the queso on my tummy in the dark theater. I’m one lucky little bear – and tasty too – now.

Love and Christmas hugs,



  1. You are getting more famous as the days roll bye Sebastian. Marry Poppins, and Bert. Mary looks so pretty, did you swoon.
    Keep licking.

  2. Oh, double bonus, getting to see Mary and Bert *and* having leftovers for after the film, great job!


    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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