Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Answering a few Questions

Hi there and Happy New Year! I haven’t done this before but it seemed like a good way to reflect on 2013 so I’m answering some questions I found over here on this blog.

Thinking about this past year:

What was the most fun you had?

I thought this might be easy but it seems like we’re starting with a very difficult question. It is hard to choose between sitting around a campfire and playing games – both with very dear friends.

When did you laugh the hardest?

July - I remember Jay and I laughing so hard with a couple of friends who were visiting I could hardly catch my breath.

What was the best thing you ate?

It’s a toss-up between fresh, hand-made-to-order by Sal, hot-from-the-oven pizza at Salvio’s and an excellent steak at Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano in Hollywood Studios.

What was the most beautiful thing you saw?

Again, another tossup: Sunset at Sunset Beach or Mount Rainier in Washington.

What was the hardest thing you didn't think you'd get through (but did)?

Um . . . maybe our yard sale? We kept saying to each other “When this is over, we’re never doing this again.”

Who came into your life?

That’s an easy one. Martina, Denise, Gary, Leslie, Allison, Ryan, Dave, Beth, Nancy, Grant, LE, Marlene, and last but not least, Topher!

What conversations and connections made your heart full?

Eight evenings with Terry, Jay, Martina, Linda, Denise, Gary, Leslie, Allison & Ryan.

When did you surprise yourself?

Every time I finished a project.

When were you most proud of yourself?

When I tried something new.

When did you tell the truth?

I’m not sure what their looking for with this one.

What did you lose that you thought you needed but didn't?


What did you do for the last time?

Said goodbye to Jay’s mom and Socks.

What healed?

A foot – not mine.

Who can you forgive?

People who don’t know they’ve hurt my feelings.

What thing about yourself can you forgive?

Falling short.

Who can you let go of?

Still thinking on this one. I really don’t like to give up on people.

Who can you grab onto?

Jay, family & friends. Jay is one of each by the way.

This seems like a good place to stop since I can no longer resist the call of my pillow. I will end with an answer to the very last question.

What song is your new anthem for 2014?

I heard this recently so I’m going with Nothing More by The Alternate Routes. You can hear it here.


  1. Hi Ginger loved the song. Thank you.

  2. Great round up, happy new year to you all!

  3. This is a great list! Here's looking to an amazing 2014!!!

  4. An interesting list for sure. Have a very Happy New Year Ginger.
    Please tell Sebastian that Zeke is settling in well and fits very neatly on the back on my motorbike. We are looking forward to lots of adventures when the weather improves - it's been a bit blowy for small bears.
    Jock, Zeke, Alan and Ann


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