Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bears for the Show

As I promised, here are a few of the bears that I made for Teddies Spring Show. I had so much fun making them! I hope I have a chance to finish the one or two that are still on the table that I didn’t quite finish before we headed out.


This is Kristoff.  He’s 4.5” tall and dapper.  I don’t know how this classy fellow materialized among the debris that populates my studio just before a show.  I think he was sent by my fairy godmother to indicate that my life could be lived quite nobly if I wore a top hat and bowtie like his.  Were that only the case!


Laurens is 6” tall and wears a hand knitted sweater by my friend Elanor’s mom.  His favorite indulgence is a nice hot mocha.  When I told him that was my favorite too he said that if I was a good bearmaker that I would go to the coffee shop and bring back one for him and one for me.  He’s something else.  He drank his all gone and it was the same size as mine!


Samuel is also 6” tall – love that curly mohair!  He sat and watched me sew and said that I could be more efficient if I would get up from my table once in a while and bring him a piece of chocolate.  I asked him how that was more efficient and he said I needed to practice several times to find out.  I went after the chocolate but it didn’t make it back to the studio.  He suggested I try harder and to make sure that it came all the way back in tact so the experiment would work.  (I never did figure out what he was talking about but that chocolate sure was good!)


Chester is – (don’t tell the others) one of my favorites from this group.  He’s 4.5” tall too.  He said he lived a former life as a deputy in the wild west but when I asked him about the details he said it was all very hush-hush because he was under cover.  Then he raised an eyebrow and I knew better than to ask any follow-up questions.


Lillie, very much kin to the others, is 4.5” tall in a blue tutu!  She told me once that I could be just like her if I wore a tutu too and I had to tell her that my tutu would have to go over a pair of jeans and fit  into my rolly chair when I work.  She looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Yeah – I probably have.


Okay, time to confess, it’s hard to limit myself to just one or two favorites.  Emma, pictured above (4.5”) was also among those that I would wink at from time to time.  She says that royalty is more a state of the mind than of the pocketbook so she donned her crown and proclaimed my studio as her new kingdom – until she changes her mind.


And to finish off this post on a lighthearted note:  This is Ollie (4.5”).  He loves, loves, loves his whole rubber chicken philosophy.  He tried to explain it to me once and I went to sleep but he has no problems with it at all. 

Thank you for stopping to visit me and all the bears at bearbits!



  1. Eneey meeny mineey mo... They are all so lovely. Every one is a winner.
    I do hope you have great sales.
    Hugs Kay

  2. What a lovely collection!! I think Samuel is my favourite, I love his fur. Xx

  3. They are all beautiful bears that anyone would love to adopt. I hope you can bear to part with them. xx

  4. Well that sounds like a gang to keep you on your toes, glad to see the family is keeping up the good work


    Jack & Boo


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