Monday, April 14, 2014

Work on the Box’s Inside

Today, additional photos of the box in progress. The outside has a few more details to go but I will add them after some work on the inside. If I can keep the outside of the box flat, without embellishment, it makes working on the inside easier.

Because I like the paper I chose for this box so much, my intention is to keep the design very simple and let the paper shine on its own, contributing to the theme in a quiet, understated way. This time the photos are of the inside.

Original cigar paper removal and edges painted.

Close up of the edges of the box.

In the process of applying some decoration to the edges – this was fun!

Here’s the left side with the paper added –Red heart

And the right side. More –Red heart

The edges: one side has had silver added and the other not yet.

With stuff like this and bears and stuffing, my desk is always a strange mix.

I hope your Monday is a surprisingly good one!



  1. me encanta el papel que has escogido , es precioso, estoy deseando ver el resto del trabajo



  2. Hi Mari,

    Thank you so much! I'm glad you agree with me about the paper. :)


  3. Pretty :o) The outside is still the bit that has my creative juices flowing (but probably not in the way you think lol)

    1. Hi Katy,

      If I had a clue what might be flowing through that creative mind of yours, I'd really be surprised. Inspiration is funny (and fun) that way. Some little something will spark an idea and off you go. I'm still curious and interested in what you come up with!



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