Sunday, May 18, 2014


I like the word close because it can mean two things. It can mean being near with very little space between and it can also mean an intimate or familiar association. Then, of course, you have the word familiar which is related to the word family.

Here are a couple of photos of things close – close up.

Photo one:

and photo two.

Do you know what these things are? Maybe the first one is kind of easy. And maybe the second one isn’t too terribly difficult either if you think on it a minute.

The first is a detail from this bouquet of flowers.

The second is from this highly detailed drawing of the Toph-man.

I put them close to each other and I think they look quite nice side by side, reminding me of some special someones who are close – not always in a nearby sort of way, but in a close-to-my-heart kind of way.

My thanks and many hugs to jb, cb, sv and bh!



  1. The flowers and the drawing of Troph are close to me, because my computer screen is close to me... Love your flowers.

  2. Special things, for a special lady, from special people, super!

    1. You're so sweet! Thanks bunches!



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