Thursday, May 15, 2014

I was standing in the rain . . .

It was a very rainy, soggy day here in Raleigh. This afternoon Topher and I went outside. He wasn’t crazy about the rain but then neither was I. Yet as I was standing in the rain on my patio, something caught my eye.

Is that . . .


Yes, it is. That is a deer


which actually isn’t that much of a surprise because Jay had seen one this very morning and Topher, being the brave dog that he is, chased her away. Luckily, for whatever reason, I had my phone in my pocket and took a few photos


and I was able to get quite close before she got wise and darted off into a neighbor’s yard.  Then I turned my head and saw this


her little one parked amid the growth in our natural area out back.


Of course, I didn’t touch it but it was not afraid at all.  It was a little wet and somewhat shaky on its legs.


I felt lucky to get some photos very close up.



I went back inside and began to wonder how in the world that little one landed in our fenced in yard and I decided it must have been born there. I expect the mama deer is keeping an eye on him or her from a distance.

I retrieved another camera, put it in silent mode and went to see if the baby was still there. I looked and looked and decided its mama had come back and carted it off with her but how? Then I looked very, very closely and found


the baby still there, napping and waiting.

It was a terrific, unexpected surprise.

Now I wonder how long it takes before a baby deer can jump a four foot fence.



  1. eso si es una buena sorpresa , que bonitas fotos y el bebe es muy dulce
    gracias por compartirlo



    1. HI Mari,

      It was a very nice surprise and I'm glad that you enjoyed seeing the photos of the little deer.


  2. Oh Miss Ginger, how bee-u-tee-ful. I would say that Mamma Deer picked your property because it is quiet, protected and safe for her little fawn.

    You certainly were blessed yesterday watching that little miracle stand up, maybe for the very first time.

    Happy Weekend
    Prudence ♥

    1. Hi Prudence,

      I'm glad that I was able to get some photos to share here. Maybe you are right about the area that she chose to leave the baby! We sure don't go stirring around back there very often in the spring. We've had baby rabbits back there before as well.


  3. What blessings we find in our own back yards. This little Bambi is just as cute as... I do hope the mum came back. Looks like the little fawn was very, very young. She must have been born in your yard.
    Hugs Kay

    1. Hi Kay,

      It is pretty amazing what you see very close to home. We might even have some bluebirds but we'll have wait and see on that one. They are very elusive!

      Oh and the mum did come back - last night. Jay saw here with two young ones - this one and another a wee bit bigger so she is looking after them.


  4. Ooooooooh! What a wonderful and blessed little one you saw! It always seems to me to be such a privilege to witness such a tiny one so soon after it has entered this world--almost like standing on sacred ground. I bet that sight will float along with you for a bit and even bless your day. :-) You SOOOO deserve it!!


    P.S. I was hoping to get to the Philly show simply to see your talk on creativity. Truly, no joke! As you know, I sadly didn't make it . . . again. How did it go? I'd love to hear about it. If you have an outline, handouts, etc. that you used for the talk, I would happily purchase a set from you. I think you have my email, but just in case it's cherylh at twcny dot rr dot com.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      It is quite a privilege and I'm sure the neighbors who saw us tromping about in the rain off and on yesterday wondered what in the world we were doing out there! :D

      Oh, I'm sorry that you weren't able to get to Philly. I think you would have enjoyed the show a lot and then of course, I would have enjoyed your company! I'll send or post the info on my presentation for you to see whatever you might glean from it but you are so creative, it will probably be one of those situations where you will think "tell me something new"!

      Hello to everyone there!


  5. Oh my gosh... so tiny... it was probably just born! How cute is that!!! Hopefully Topher can keep it together and not scare the mom off every time... but I'll bet it will be hard... I mean, you know, a guard dog needs to take his responsibilities seriously!

    1. Hi Heather,

      You might be right on that. It was so adorable. I just wanted to reach out and cuddle the little guy (or gal) but then I knew better so just snapped as many photos as I could without getting him/her rattled.

      The baby seems to sleep in the daylight among the growth so Topher probably won't see it most of the time. Besides the fact that he likes to follow me most of the time so if I stay away, he's likely to as well. We'll see! I'm crossing my fingers.

      I need to send you an email. Hopefully I can get my head around that soon!

      Nice to "see" you again!


  6. Hello Heather

    It is always wonderful to get such impressions and I am really a little bit envious of you.
    Together with my wife I enjoy our walks in the surroundings and watching the birds, squirrels, ... and we were happy to see a kingfisher down at the river at last.

    Have a nice weekend and more chance encounters.



  7. Ginger!,
    How completely amazing! This is God's tribute to you for leaving a WILD area on your property. We are squeezing wildlife out with our trim and manicured lawns. Since you have chosen not to do that to your entire yard you got to witness a miracle. Every birth is a miracle be it human or wild. In fact it seems some of the wild ones are even more miraculous as we work to bring them back from numbers near extinction. Now I know deer aren't becoming extinct but if they can adapt to living with us, isn't that wonderful.

  8. How precious. So glad mom came back or you would end up bottle feeding all hours of the night and day.! Always a surprise when I pop in to visit your blog. How is Sebastian? Give him a hug from me.


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