Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TBAI 2014 –Part 2

Today I have some more photos from TBAI. There were several fun activities on Friday but one of the big events was the opening of the one-of-a-kind artist gallery and voting for the People’s Choice Award. I took photos of each gallery piece (at least I hope I didn’t miss any of them!) and wanted to show you the amazing work on display and for sale. While I tried to capture these in the best light available, photos don’t do justice to them. There’s quite a lot of work to show so, I am going to post half of the photos today and the other half in my next post. Enjoy!

Magic Carpet Ride – Jan Alford

Friends of the Rainforest – Wanda Carson

There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe – Jane Woodard

“Glenda, the Good Witch” The Battle of Good vs Evil – Penny French

Halloween – Jackie Melerski

Blowing Bear Bubbles – Candy Cannavino

Hogan Collecting Bird Nests – Diana Lee Palomba

Searching for a Friend – Stevi T

Mrs. Sherlock (Mary Russell) Holmes – Armella Dana

Humpty Dumpty – Pam Kisner

Arabian Nights – Cindy McGuire

Three Billy Goats Gruff – Art Rogers

Puppet Master – Diana Ussery

Saturday Afternoon – Sandra Czaja

America, the Beautiful – Fourth of July Parade – JoAnne O’ Hanlon

Elphaba and Glinda – Martha Bumala

Diary of Anne Frank – Marjan Balke

1920’s Paper Boy – Sharon Barron

Puss & Boots – Diana Watts

Little Bo Peep – Dolores Austin

Alice Falls Down – Katherine Hallam

Teddy Bear’s Picnic – Donna Griffin

Princess and the Pea – Lulu Tatum

Maggie’s Memories/Rear View Mirror 2014 – Maggie Newman

That’s quite a selection of work, isn’t it?  But wait, there’s more!
To be continued . . .



  1. Ginger you don't know how much I love scrolling and looking in detail all of these wonderful creations. Love, love it.
    Hugs Kay

    1. Hi Kay,

      I'm glad you enjoy it! I would too if I hadn't been there myself. It gives you a little peek at what awesome things bear artists can come up with and create!


  2. Oh dear, there were so many good pieces there that a fight has broken out over which was the best!

    Jack, Boo & The Clan

    1. Jack, Boo & The Clan,

      You guys are going to have to wait to fight - there's more to come!


  3. Thank you so much Ginger for taking the time over the last few days to let us see all the wondrous bears at the show! I would have swooned within the few minutes - pure bear overload! :D Congratulations on your award - bravo! Ani in Wilmington

    1. Hi Ani,

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I think you would have had a marvelous time! Thank you for your congrats and for reading!



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